Tulsi Gabbard, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party discussed on Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris


Journeys of faith were back and welcome to season three. I'm your host qualifier as we know in this election cycle you're going to be inundated with political news but we're doing something something different. We're going to be speaking with twenty twenty candidates and other political figures about their personal faith. And how it influences person and policy you can call God odd by many different names but we are worshiping the same God and loving the same God. She became the first Hindu member of Congress and is looking to become the first Hindu president president of the United States. Our next guest is Tulsi Gabbard the Democrat congresswoman from Hawaii is a major in the. US Army She's been deployed twice to the Middle East. Gabbard is seen by some as an iconoclast within the Democratic Party. She recently had a much publicized. Beef with Hillary Clinton and she doesn't toe the Party line on this episode. Why she thinks Democratic leaders are headed in the wrong direction? We also discussed how her faith informs her policies from gun control to abortion and.

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