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All Americans were rightly second and revolted by the brutal death of George Floyd my administration is fully committed that for George and his family justice will be served he will not have died in vain and they were speaking tonight with the a law school professor Frank Buckley from George Mason University and we're talking with a variety of colors starting with doc and Wilmington Delaware good evening dog can do good to have you on tonight thanks was ravaging my call this is a broad question but it doesn't delve into the legalities of this case I know I read I read Dr Buckley's worse Mister Mister brown are you may be aware of your own past shows Dr Buckley I like your your political science in your story out for us for a moment Sir does this campaign of president trump's and him being seeing possibly as a lawyer present harken back to the Richard Nixon campaign just sixty eight nineteen seventy two or your thoughts on that server and using the support that the suburban fence sitters in this race will possibly turn towards president trump if these rights continue your hearts are please well I think a lot of people remember nineteen sixty eight right now at least talk those of us of a certain age but you know there's one big difference between Nixon in sixty eight and trump now to the advantage of Nixon Nixon I don't know if you remember this but Nixon wanted to make his campaign theme bring us together that was a sign that he saw in Ohio the campaign stop and it worked right I mean in sixty eight we were holding not simply for law and order we were also voting for a guy who don't you want to bring everybody together and trump grumpy tries to use that language but it doesn't work so well for him so I don't know what's going to happen in November yeah odd Scott in Miami calls in hello Scott yes good evening Mr Behanan Mister Buckley I gotta ask you question the spooky that's bothering me I want to know the right answer Minneapolis Atlanta Los Angeles across United States a lot of antifa and black lives matter have to dissipate in them how much does George Soros think you're into all of this that he finances at and what's in it he was behind an occupy Wall Street in the Confederate monument how much does George Soros figure into the mayhem that's going on in all right looks on against respond Scott that's the million dollar question all well I'll tell you what I know about a year ago I asked one of my friends capital research center these are the guys who tried to crack left wing money anybody knows they should know I asked him specifically who's won two ninety four and the answer I got was look we don't really know okay a lot of people say yeah either service money there there is some small scale money being passed around there is a financer of some kind but for the most part this fellow and he was solidly conservative this fellow said look it's it's you know mostly disorganized people you know I would for a lark throwing bricks ain't that fun it's not organized if there would be no from top down by George Soros as best he could find out all right to Kevin shields Michigan hello Kim thank you and professor Buckley yeah our governor in Michigan it's a great day class nice job she she's a market pushing everything out and I do president trump will take over a thread that having the divisions private speaking chance to fix themselves and when they didn't and when that man in Dallas that store owner would be more enjoyable life by those bugs president trump gave him a chance and now he's going to take over they couldn't do it but you know I want to stay in office all right and I want our guys to respond to that I'm not sure the extent to which civil unrest to if you will trump's to to use a bad verb trumps the posse comitatus law well it does Christina legal corner the president sent troops to work with the governor doesn't wanna right and the answer as best I can determine those yes and interestingly that was a discussion in the framers convention in seventeen eighty seven somebody said well look you know what happens if there's an insurrection and do you know what we have to require the governor of the state or the legislature in the state two and then invite the federal troops to come in and somebody said well you know wait a minute what if the instructions being led by the governor and the legislature so we can you know we can't require that right so I'm going to Caroline courses eighteen sixty one as well well yeah yep crank and do it all right sal calls in from Las Vegas hello Hey how are you Jimbo fine thank you can you hear me fine I wanna hear you fine you're on the radio go right ahead so awesome I'm professor I'm glad to hear you on the radio I just remind you remind me of a phrase that I hear those who can't do and those who can't teach because I just wanted to go down to degrees what I heard earlier was first degree requires one to have premeditation meaning that this officer got up this morning with the very intention of murdering someone in murdering someone in the manner in which he did a second degree what would bring it to being a crime of passion and third degree would be what we're facing here right now which is just the murder of someone that was done it rationally and without provocation anything of that nature so I would love you to speak on those degrees because I think one of the issues that we've had in the past of the shootings this is winter are rush to judgement over charge and what ends up happening is you don't even get out of the grand jury because the grand jury says that these charges are grossly over exaggerated or if they do get to trial then it ends up being on the corner because you can all right beyond a reasonable doubt let's let our guests respond in the minute we have left before the break and by the way professor Buckley both can do and can teach but the go ahead faster well here is the latest order to tear to greet a depraved mind you know I can see a you know an idiot mind in this guide children I can see a incident mind extremely but I don't see depraved you know the background first four days after it happened D. eight local DA didn't press charges he looked at the criminal statute and I think what he said is I can't get it but then what happened was it went to the Attorney General you know Minnesota stepped in he politicized said he's going to bring this you know he'll he'll bring the charge and it's it's going to be win win for him so get all the credit to prosecuting and he gets the blow up if he doesn't get a conviction which yet I think you won't interesting and we'll talk about the aftermath of that also with more calls when we come back with Frank.

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