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Between israel and iran my guest is israel's deputy foreign minister sippy hotter valley of course we congratulate american president for making this bold decision we're sure to world is much better place today after america will renew reinstate sanctions about iranian regime and i think that for a long while our our prime minister was very clear about his message but sippy hotter valley on hardtalk after the news hello i'm jerry smith with the bbc news the newly elected prime minister of malaysia mahachi muhammad has said that the king is willing to grant a full pardon for his political ally anwar ibrahim the opposition leader who was jailed on sodomy charges that he argues were politically motivated dot emma hot here has also repeated a pledge to stand aside within two years to allow mr armoire to take the premiership jonathan head is in quantum for this is necessary next stage of this extraordinary drama martin muhammad when he was prime minister for twenty two years me eight hundred nine hundred groomed anwar ibrahim as his successor fell out with him had him imprisoned on the same charges he's in jail for now he got out in two thousand and four got this opposition movement going dot com here was a fierce critic back in those days that he was unfit to lead the country but since he has made this deal with the opposition joining them two years ago he and i wa abraham have very different ta caused a general election sensational wednesday by defeating the government which has held power for sixty years the philippines top judge has been removed from office following a series of clashes with the president rodrigo duterte the supreme court chief justice maria serrano with sacked after a vote by her fellow judges howard johnson reports from manila this is the first time in the philippines that chief justice has been removed from office in this way mrs serena has also been facing separate impeachment proceedings for twenty seven allegations of wrongdoing including corruption and betrayal.

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