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Gun control laws and impeaching our president Butterfield wants to repeal the job creating trump tax cut and tear down the wall after sixteen years it's time for DO nothing better field to go I'm Cindy Smith Republican for Congress G. K. Butterfield is always on the wrong side in Washington always voting for socialism and always voting against our president Butterfield's been in Congress for over sixteen years and done nothing but expand government and raise our taxes it's time for a conservative change my name is C. anti semitic I approve this message because northeastern North Carolina he's a conservative voice in DC to defend the trump agenda and defeat socialism sandy Smith sandy Smith for Congress standing up for our president opposing socialism defending our values fighting for us paid for by sandy Smith for Congress sandy Smith NC dot com stand up with us thanks for spending time with us ever wonder if your future self will approve of the financial decisions being made by your current self regarding that personal finance expert Jonathan Clemens has put together a list of things he wishes he'd been told in his twenties or how he says told more loudly so he would have listened Jonathan what prompted this piece thinking back about the stuff that really puzzled me my twenty some of the anxiety I had as I was starting out in the adult world managing money things like it a you know my mortgage the find the right side home investing in the stock market wouldn't when your mutual of this this so much anxiety in bold did yet looking panic a lot of it was a complete waste of time you know number number one number one right at the gate for you I I think yours is one certainly that was lost on me on more than one occasion and that is a small home is the key to a big portfolio there are so many people out there telling you that you should buy a big house this is the key to generate wealth of course it's also a way of signaling to your financial status the entire neighborhood if you have a nice big help everybody thinks that you're doing well but the fact is the media puts so many people that I know buying a more modest homes been the key to financial success find that more modest home you have smaller mortgage payments that means that you could fund the four one K. plan you could put money into our age you can put money into five twenty nine plan for the kids so if you're in your twenties you're only thirty some people saying oh yeah you should buy the biggest house possible don't listen to them by the motors hello and you will reap the rewards on the inside of your finances what did you mean by a point number two debts or negative bonds first bought a house back in nineteen ninety two you know it through the mail came the first move explicating return it the tear off with but the book which payment and then there was a slight about either did you want to put in any extras I remember putting in extra ten Bucks it which would go towards paying down the principal in it but men with a fixed rate mortgages you would pay off the loan more quickly than the required that you did and it seems like a small thing to me do I mean the semi mortgage back in nineteen ninety two was over seven percent it was a pretty high eighteen but it's only later that I came to understand pain down over to repair done any sort of that is what's called a negative bond in other words instead of interest by pine pollens you're actually paying interest others when you have debt if you can pay off that debt more quickly you own a rate of return equal to that interest rate speak with Jonathan Clements founder and editor of humble dollar dot com he's written a piece entitled nobody told me that he is what he did what he's done is listed ten things you wish she'd known earlier on in life I I chuckled at number five you said nobody knows squat about short term investment performance and yet you do people talk constantly about a call concerning about which way the stock market is headed which way interest rates are headed which stocks are going to do well and I've been listening to this nonsense the thirty five year I like it leave it as you are better off throwing darts at a dart board nobody knows they are all just guessing but this is how you fill out of time on CNBC and people find it entertaining and entertainment is fine as long as it doesn't cost you money the problem is people on this information Johnson Johnson Clement's personal finance expert also founder and editor of humble dollar dot com it is fourteen minutes now and part of the hour on.

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