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We're also doing Jordan Jesse go on Sunday the twentieth at one PM, but the big show Friday night bubble. All new episode Jonathan Coulton Elisa Skinner, crystal Alonzo, Allison Becker, Mike Mitchell. Nick, why go Jesse thorn, Jordan Morris? Yeah. Jean grey Jean grey x men's Jean grey. Let's hope she doesn't turn into dark Phoenix. Sure people said that to her before. And I don't want to maybe this is something you guys are keeping under wraps by hitter. Rumor that there will be a special guest at at the bubble show. Debbie, the crab. Yes. That's true. Always be. Here's what we were going to do. We're going to have someone play, Debbie. The crab doing like an impression of her. Right. And then Debbie the crabs are gonna come out behind the. She's standing right behind. All right. So worry about letting the cat out of the bag. They they don't know that jail man, Joe is going to be. Get back in your cells. Right. That into the episode kind of knowing wink at the audience. Nope. Okay. You could work that in. Now SF sketch fest dot com. Did we say when the Doboy show is you should say when the Doboy Joe is it will be on Saturday. That's right at I think it's at one o'clock, and I'm not I'm not prepared for. Yeah. I can have a show with the birthday, boys. Also, don't all the time and show with play house masterpieces also don't know the time. All right. This is plug all show. Can they sell Jordan Jesse go? Oh, yeah. So boy Jordan Jesse go in the Dobos kit. Those up don't boys at one pm on Saturday. The nineteenth. Check it out SF sketch fest dot com or maximum fun dot org for ticket links. We'll be back in just a second on. Jessica. I say check out every show. It's Jordan Jesse go. Jesse thorn, America's radio sweet boy detective Mitchell, the pizza guy,.

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