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Savings is Redfin refund plus 1% listing fee Subject to minimums not available in all areas Learn more Redfin dot com Good morning at 7 18 Traffic and leather on the 8s Jack Taylor and the traffic center Hyde cleaning up the crash in Virginia mainline three 95 northbound just after duke street still have the left lane taken away slowing coming into the Springfield interchange from 95 northbound getting there you'd been heavy Again through a choir then again briefly in woodbridge then leaving lorton riding toward newington Interlude with the valleys close around Braddock right up toward two 36 You'll find 66 was heavy briefly as you approach in past centerville as you approach 29 beyond 28 toward the fairfax county Parkway then the pace improves Unclear if the crash gone it was on 66 westbound the ram to go west on 50 fairfax it had been blocking the left lane of two There was an earlier reckon centerville on 28 north near westfield's boulevard had been along the right side of the roadway All right riding in the district We'd had some trouble spots on I two 95 northbound up near oxen cove an earlier wreck had been along the far right side of the roadway Now south on D.C. two 95 were slower eastern avenue toward east capitol street watch northbound before bening road I think just a left lane is getting by caller said a few cars are involved one facing the wrong way Trouble spotted northwest closes kalorama road between Connecticut avenue and 20th street Unfortunately this is emergency utility work because of multiple poles down in the roadway All right we Maryland we've had some delays going north on the BW Parkway headed up toward route 32 I believe all that police activity is finally cleared Southbound is heavy at one 75 then again passing one 97 Little delay on 95 southbound running through the interchange at two 12 So far nothing to report crash clean up remains two 70 south First the delay in urbana down to one O 9 then slow leaving Germantown headed down toward 28 Everything has been moved over onto the left shoulder You're traveling there at least are open now There have been some activity on the beltway outer loop down near river road that I think everything still sits over safely on that left shoulder Watching prince George's county on the beltway inner loop we'd had reports of a wreck down near central avenue.

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