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Snow by two pm today. That's the weather half of your. What's it look alike where you are coming to. You live from the show. Having one show featuring sidney j will you get to start right. Thank you so much barbie cologne where you get your morning started right. Well said thanks for that information. Few few show notes before we start the show on the motivational monday. Like i said i'm already motivated barbie cologne. If you guys are not doing this friday come hang out with your boy sean harvey. We're gonna be here. It's going to be birthday really. Yeah march the fifth is on a friday. Come through through. Show you some love. Thank you know heavy birthday if you if you love me. Hey just come through. If you love me hate me come through. Show me some love. Birthday bash. that's on. I mean right here be be studio so this right here. come through. Friday also Sunday seventh we had the iron mill. Yes going down. We got a lot of folks coming down. That's all sunday march. The seventh i am. You is located at again bobby. If you don't mind. Eight thirty one. South delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania doors opened up at five pm showtime six we bring in that funny Everything starts on time. I will be walking to that stage at six o five and play. Thank you and have monique latif. She's hilarious. You being built and got a new jet camin as well and then my man. The comedy cop timmy. Hall from baltimore's gonna come through and blazed the room for us and And then after that we're going to transition over the dj hot sauce and play some music and then we're going to get out of there so some place I am you'll is beautiful places spacious Please wear your maciel or you. You rubber gloves and do everything that you need to do for yourself. There's two drink minimum. There's a food minimum so your come on now and let's support the establishment. Let's have a good time As we go to see some folks that we haven't seen if you never seen bobby columbus for in person barbie bidet. That's that's a spot. Bob mueller special. So you know but if you have never seen if you've never seen show have you come So that's the im meal. That's this sunday. March seventh doors open up at five pm. Comfortable time showtime at six shogo about seven seven fifteen. Then we go to the after party. A mission is absolutely free. But there's a two drink minimum. There's a food minimum here. Please don't think he coming into what happened because when you sit there don't get it twisted servers. We'll be right up in your face. Talking about your were go to menu. We doing right what you get in. And then don't be sitting there playing. We not ready yet. No-show going no. Because i'm gonna call you out and it back not playing grown ass men and all my people that support me grown too and if you can't work and nobody ain't gonna be so you can be alive so if you don't wanna come if you don't wanna come out and you don't feel safe then that's fine to stay home and stay home. That's fine we'll about stay home if you don't spill this coupon. And then after that barbie cologne on april the eighteenth back at the the new york king talent of being the building. Yes i'll be into the party hot source a lot. Going on smokey suarez mother's day so we are going on and then please come on now are. There's still a few remaining tables. If if that. I don't know now we're gonna we're gonna do some crazy more about art you do some crazy about it. Hit me up. Five seven zero nine. You'll do some great so and also We being atlantic city also april fool's weekend the january april second. Third your come on now people coming out to that too so that'd be very exciting so please if you don't mind orlando florida. That's the move. I'd be there one night. May the twenty seventh. I mean march. Twenty seven lena. Bill and we are going to costa rica. We have someone calling in one of the supporters of the costa rica trip. It'd be calling in today. We're going to talk about that. Also barbie colognes. I just found out going to stash since barbies going. Well we go well. It's going to do the show down five hundred people anyway so it was not a lack of people to talk to but since bobby said that. Now she's coming up. We're gonna bring half it his system down there and we are broadcasters. Show in the more so Please they're still available space for costa rica ultimate sole escape twenty twenty. One does july twenty second through twenty six this year. we're going.

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