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For them. That hammock covers the light side. Just tweeted this out on Moncada has rejoined the white socks. So you know they've kept their birth. They kept it very secretive. And you know, they're not saying that. You know, he tested positive. I think we've all sort of drawn that conclusion, with two people testing positive. You know him and Jose Ruiz being out, But he has rejoined the white sacks. So that is really good news for that is great. Jose Ruiz also rejoined as well. He will be in Shamberg. Walman Cada joins Major League Camp manager Rick Regnery, a also has returned. You wanted to know about this Waddle to lead the team, so he's back to hold and all that news coming from the White Sox and Scott Markings. Guess you don't have to, depending on your profession, or Maybe your access to a ton of testing Thie 14 day quarantine coming from states that have had spikes isn't universal. What was that again? I said it must There must be a different rule. For depending on and depending on your job and access to testing and trying to be a wiseass here, But coming from California, which I know Ricky was coming from after going to a funeral and coming back. Normally we were all told in the city of Chicago that you would automatically be in a 14 day quarantine. Right? Maybe because the fine wasn't that high that I think that what if they would catch you? I think the fine was like $75 per day. I thought I would know it. I know it was seven grand. Somebody thought it was really. I thought it was $500 a day and which could result in seven grand total of 14 14 date. Okay. All right. That's what I thought it wass Well, look, I mean, he's getting tested right on a red thought it was that it was like a low cost. Oh, no, it's more significant. You think if it was only $75 a day camp would be downtown right now. I would hope that would hold a job of setting an example for people out there, But it was only 75. Ricky, You know, by the way, Captain get back in time. Okay, So it's different. I got back in time. Just for the record. I got back like you could have done it. Like what you had to be in what was they had to be back in Chicago? Even if you are coming from a danger zone, which I was I was coming from South Carolina Danger danger. That if you didn't get back by Monday, you would have had to have been put in. You would have came back Monday. You had to go into quarantine for 14 straight day. The order did not go. Yes. The order did not go into effect until Monday and Waddle. I got back in the state before that, But you did it. You did great job setting a good example for Dr Miller, Right? Wise choice course. You know, you have a very public job. You what? We were talking about you being in South Carolina corner. You've got two more shows one more today and tomorrow, then you're back on Monday, right? I'm more than willing to extend the quarantine. If everybody feels it's necessary for the comfort level. Like it's really comfortable in the chair. I'm sitting in right now watching soccer Premier League Soccer I'ma flip it over to the golf Channel if I want to catch the last few races of Saratoga Like the world is my oyster. Right here. Ricky Ricky Renteria gets to fly under the radar and anonymity by your house and back in. So you think music comes managers here here just came came from. I just came from downtown Los Angeles. I know it's hot there right now. But back do wonder because they're being tested, though routinely. And maybe it's because you know, he has. Of course it is. Yes. I mean, listen, I don't know. I mean, you could still what did you say? Test positive test? Negative. It's be a carrier writers. An incubation period of you know, from 5 to 7 days. I actually think a cz Muchas 14 days. Okay, then. I don't know what they're what they're doing in MLB protocols, so Just saying, that's all. So that's great news for the White Sox. Moncada has got one of these years. I feel like now to tell me if I'm right. I feel like Moncada, and it's different because of the 60 game schedule and he also if he's had Cove it, there's going to be a lot of layers toe. Coming back, and he doesn't have a full season two totally produce. But like this remind, it reminds me of Harvey's first really good year when have it his first really good year. I said to myself as a Cubs fan, I want to see having duplicate it. It is hot As he totally taken this step. We're now we can count on him to become a star Each and every year. Moncada had one of those years last year. That was awesome that everyone loved where he lived up to the billing of being the number one prospect. When he was with the red sacks Now can he duplicated? Yeah, that would certainly go a long way. But I feel pretty comfortable as a sax fan. That you Moncada is is pretty close to an elite level player what he did last year, 132 games. I'm looking at the stats down. I mean, he had 25 homers and he had 3 15 with the 3 67 on base. I mean, he hits the ball about as hard as anybody around baseball. So It was really a matter of if he could reduce his strikeouts a little bit, and he was able to do that last year and still take the walks that he did so at that rate and the defense he provided that third base. I'm excited that he's he's going to be an M V p caliber player. Maybe not like top five MVP caliber, but I think he's the top 20 M v P finisher on a yearly basis. Hoosier who's the number one question for you on the white sacks? If you were to say like the one that you have, is it? Is it Anderson following up what he's doing someone who has not proven yet? No, I think the bar that Tim Anderson set like Can he routinely hit close to like? I don't expect him to lead the league in batting average every year, but I do think there's something to you remember? I don't want his second season. When his best friend died due to AA. You shot and Tim Anderson openly talked about how you know he really was dealing with a lot of personal issues, and I think anybody can understand that what he was able to do last year. Eyes, something that I don't know if it's repeatable on a year on year in and year out basis. I don't think it will be 3 35 hitter of the year. But if he can hit close to 3 10 and and, you know, give you this the power and speed that he cannot shortstop. I mean, he's close to and all star level player Miller are you part of the batting averages are overrated Crew. Here's the thing. It's overrated in the sense that you can't just go out and be. Ah Ah, 3 10 hitter like like Harvey's been in bed points and not take any walks, because if you're just a 300 hitter and you never take a walk, that's not very valuable in today. What's him? Anderson last year let all of major league baseball with 3 35 average in his own base percentage with 3 57 3 57 So here's the thing. He's gotta hit close to 3 15 3 20 if he's never going to take a walk, write, but what he gave you at least power speed wise, and he's a solid defender.

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