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Foodi. Oc solicitor got criticized allows time for for writing on a bit of paper and constantly looking at my notes. So i might have to. Well health the notepad just screens. If if i'll get abuse from my eyeballs constantly doubting offscreen then i'll know there's nothing i can. Do you see sorry. This is not what informs it yes to find your fate. Your face is still in the one for one. The two doctors and story number one fear fan favorite. Hang on haven't we did. We have fair. Last time. I remember desperately trying to think of something about. Yeah tell us something about you story. Oh i feel feel. Fill the air to kinda got a reputation. Among people don't like season twin seat to as the one where it really cements what they didn't like about it whether that be violence or violence hasn't casuals deaths of synthetic counters say a bit more than a bit less pleasant than normal. I remember the murderer mode of the old lady done. Don't call the own. Whatever nine industry from the villa and also the the death of oscar comic relief i mean. It's probably the fact that she doesn't get eaten and the fact that he isn't just sympathetic. Garretta who dies to show us the stakes you know is drawn out in this and brother. It seems rather gratuitously in terms of its position the planting and these these affair points. I think it was i. It's it's the peak of the grotesque grown granola which they seem to be going for the just throwing everything acid anyway. You can punch up a moment. A bit more unpleasant. They do whether it's from you. Don't just kill it. sometimes you just blow them off. You have another character on there. Seven legs after. That happened or is it. Just the book is that happened on screen. So you figure squeamish. But i'll get the fate. I don't know where we're stuff comes from it. There's no sign of that anywhere else. In robot is work really in the previous twenty years. And i think he's being misled by the script had but i'm not heads to diagnose problems i am. I thought i thought coming most deal. Not because it's one of the many reasons i'm keen on it despite. The fact has so much potential. some of which. Thanks the best. Efforts of patrick traton phrase is is is is capitalized upon fair. Her on the other hand is a story so the tries to find his horror more conceptual level lurking in the shadows in the couplets in everyday suburban streets. It's is admirable to try to try to our nation to scare as audience. I think we all know that doesn't work as well as it could have done. And that's really is nothing to do with. The idea is scr. there's nothing wrong. With the channel scribble monster bursting out of an hereon cupboard. But really i just think the script is in the underproduction bit lackluster. Whether it's because suffers late. In season on weaned lack of budget that sometimes seemed to scupper stories that were on on a knife..

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