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A foot of snow and eighty mile per hour winds. This is Fox News. KLBJ news time four oh two. Good afternoon. I'm Eric liken. This need this need a service of Wedeman lawn care and arrest has been made in the death of a cyclist hit by a cap. Metro bus UT police chief David Carter says driver Mindy Taylor Stafford was taken into custody. Her bus hit thirty nine year old Anthony DS while he was writing close to the curb on the street with angled parking space once that crash occurred, the bus traveled another hundred approximately another hundred and ten feet were actually coming to a stop at these Kirk line Carter says Renault parked cars. No other traffic in the area was well, let Stafford faces felony manslaughter charges. Texas congressman Joaquin Castro calls on the Senate to pass his resolution terminating President Trump's border emergency declaration KLBJ's. Chris. Fox's more joined on a conference call with fellow democratic members of the Texas delegation of the US house Joaquin Castro made his case why the Senate needs to vote on Thursday for his resolution blocking president. Trump's border emergency declaration. You're asking the Senate to take your stand for the constitution and also to prevent what would be I believe the largest federal land taking up Texas land in history GRANDE valley. Representative Henry supports using technology and boots on the ground. You want to secure the border from we want to do it in an effective way. You're not go back to a fourteenth century solution at the capitol. Chris FOX, News Radio KLBJ wild, Texas. US Senator John Cornyn says he'll continue to push for comprehensive border security as the Senate takes a look at president. Trump's national emergency declaration Cornyn says cartels have exploited a weakness in our border laws and flooded courts. With asylum seekers are being successfully place with sponsors in the United States or take it to the bus station simply lead to travel in the interior of the country corners, also co-sponsoring bipartisan legislation to give congress more oversight and presidential emergency declarations. And Austin tech firm has come up with an interesting way for people to see. Products versus Ian, Villemin says their program called lens. I oh, let's furniture businesses. Showcase their wares to consumers to their own smartphone camera would show us.

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