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Right. You bring in Rivera to close it out. I mean his name is synonymous with that now. And I'm wondering when when did you start realizing that about him with with well in that first year, obviously when you know, he pitched those seventh and eighth innings and it felt like you pitched every single day. And and you know Zimmer who is my bench coach, we looked at each other. When when you come into the game, and you know, you sorta sorry you had to take them out. Even know what Lynn did a great job for us. And so when we started ninety seven, you know, and wetland became a free agent and. In april. We were facing Oakland Yankee Stadium and he faced the same batter twice in the same game. And you know for closer. That's not a very good thing to do. So I said to him after the game, I said pal. This is yours may take your while to get used to it. But it took a little adjusting for him. But he's still wind up saving forty games. I think in you know, enough ninety seven, but he he was special right from the get-go. And it's just a remarkable story when you know Mel Stottlemyre and and he were in the bullpen. And you know, he he was you know, just warming up, and he discovered that cutter into cutter came on sewn. They weren't working anything. No kidding. And and yeah, that's how it, hey. Just what do you think of that? Let's do it again, see, and and he just had that natural cutter. And that became his lifeline. I mean my gosh. And and I'm appreciative couple minutes left with Joe Torry baseball hall of Famer that you mentioned Mel Stottlemyre is named certainly with Mike Mussina going in as well together. With Mariana Rivera. You're coming back from Mel Stottlemyre 's funeral. I wonder what Mel would have thought to hear about the news of Moby unanimous. And he goes in with Mike Mussina, Joe he would have been very very proud about that. No is a special not only special pitching coaches special person. You know, he treated guys whether you won twenty games or just pitched twenty innings like you the most important picture on our staff, and he's you know, he's going to be missed. It was a very emotional day yesterday. But he certainly would be very proud of these two guys going in his boat's name was mowing the ninth. Right. That's what David tried in the nineteen named when he retired. And yeah, Mariana. It was funny 'cause I tried to reach him yesterday and ons not surprised it went to voicemail, and I sent a text message. And then all of a sudden, they get a phone call, and he had me on speaker with his whole family, which was pretty cool. It was a great experience for me. And he was he was very very excited. Yeah. We I said to him. I said the one thing you'll you know, you're the first. Unanimous choice. There may be others. I said, but nobody will ever be the first. So it was quite an accomplishment. Also, the last guy to wear number forty two Jill to that's right. You know, last guy to win Jackie's, and where Jackie's number and he's certain Jackie would have been proud. Also, so special it really really isn't it special for for me personally, and the show to have you call in the day after like this Joe, I really appreciate it anytime. Rich haven't seen you since. We're walking down the street now lay that one day. That's right. It's been a while. So let's make sure it doesn't go this long again. I really appreciate that the chat to time in the members. Enjoy the Super Bowl that will do that. You gotta you gotta thought Joe, I know your big football. I just you know, Los Angeles. There's such an up and coming team, and they got their taste last year. But the one thing I've always admired about well. Bobby Cox for one and and Bill Belichick. Is the fact that they his teams play every single play of every single game. And it's it's so admirable for me as a sports person to to really watch. How they go about their business. Yeah. I do you have a relationship with Bill or have you met him? Do. I do. Yeah. I fact I did his charity during the playoffs up there in Boston. He's he's been a friend. You know, he's visited our spring training. And I know he's visited LaRussa spring training..

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