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K twelve scholarship programs, which Florida has been the leader in the nation on actually at the state level. But also expanding apprenticeship programs and work force training collaborations with community colleges and workforce development agencies in the lake all designed to educate the workforce provide the skills that are needed now in the workforce a lot of these programs can be done in months, six months programming, and we haven't really urgent need right now when you have seven million jobs available, and until many which cover a variety of skills and even in manufacturing have half a million shop openings right now. That's a problem. Yeah. A lot of these will help address that a lot of these vocational schools in tech schools are growing. Quite a bit because of of that need, and you said that Florida actually leads the way in an educational program. Well in a in the scholarship tax credit area. There's a corporate tax credit that drives more scholarship money for K twelve opportunities. And there's about half there's an over one hundred thousand children low-income families who are in schools of their choice in Florida. It's been a national leader. And that's something we'd like to see done a nationwide because most states don't have that kind of robust opportunity, the K twelve level, but beyond that, the workforce skills level. There's real now to train high school graduates college graduates, people of all ages to fill these positions that need filling in our economy because the average age of a lot of these traits, for instance, are people in their fifties and retiring out, and these jobs are increasingly available and their lucrative middle-class opportunities. Where you can get someone in their young or early twenties getting in one of these training programs and not having six figures death, but actually making close to six figures in income. So an enormous opportunity, and we're trying to accelerate that with the passage of USA workforce tax credit act. So is there anything that listeners can do or how can they find out more about the USA workforce tax credit quickly? We'll tell we have a website on a Bill called USA, workforce dot ORG, USA workforce out of work. And we're hoping that even in the waning weeks of the congressional session. Republicans who have the majority still on a pass this along with a number of other things they have to do by year's end. There should be one of them. And we're hoping people will reach out to the member of congress or and demand action on HR five one five three Jewish workforce dot org. Peter, thank you very much. That's Peter Murphy at invest in education coalition, the USA workforce tax. Is credit? Maybe that is one of the few things that congress can do.

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