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WBZ? News time is four o'clock. Let's get to the newsroom Vic Vaughn. Thanks. Nick. Partly cloudy Eto here this morning at sixty degrees at the airport. A man accused of assaulting a Chicago school workers due in court later this morning bail denied for twenty two year old Dennis Jackson, who's accused of a string of armed robberies in west town, including an attempted robbery during which he allegedly sexually assaulted her. Chicago public schools employ he'll be back in court Monday. The robberies happened between August twenty fifth and September seventh across the west town neighborhood. Roger badesch, WGN news wrong. Wave pulled a man from shoreline. Rocks into Lake Michigan over the weekend. It happened early Saturday morning near north avenue beach, the body of twenty six-year-old Ramiro Callixte o of humbled park was found nearly two hours later on a short near oak street beach. He died at the hospital. His brother. David Mendoza says. He was a coach I seen, you know, coach out here. He helps the football kids sometimes on his old team has coach come out and help. Yes. It'll be tough. By the national weather service had issued a beach hazard warning of dangerous conditions. It remains in effect through this morning. Long Beach runs in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan CBS chairman and president les Moonves is out effective immediately. ABC's Aaron Katersky of all the powerful men whose careers have been derailed by allegations of their past behavior with women less moon vest may be the most powerful. He sat atop a fortune five hundred company until now he could not survive accusations. From a dozen women some of whom said their encounters with moon, best left them, terrified and intimidated. CBS says moon Vaz's departure comes with a twenty million dollar donation to organizations that support the metoo movement. Former Trump campaigned advisor end Chicago area's George popadopoulos spoke publicly for the first time Sunday. Since being sentenced for lying to the FBI on ABC's this week. You said he was among the first to know about Russia's hacking of Hillary Clinton's Email ABC news investigative producer, Matthew mosque at the inception of this idea, which is whether the Trump campaign knew or thought that Russians hacked Hillary Clinton's emails, and whether they could somehow get their hands on those emails, and from what George popadopoulos said in this interview, which is consistent with what we understand. He said all along is that he was one of the first campaign. Aides to be told that these emails existed, and we're in Russian hands in the murder trial of Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke resumes later this morning. We'll have more on that..

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