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A way i'm just giving an example of what it's like to have your dreams dashed i wasn't saying that you dashed my dreams i'm saying that you would practicing morse code and you wrote a dash and then you wrote dreams in dashes and then my dreams were dashed and don't know you call it morris kid when you just tap on things more physical he's a good cat lou ann pops up again she's like me morris the cat morris the cat i'm here for my so then eric like did i miss up enough gamble is that what you said you waiting because i've never had a problem with this woman and if there's something else that happened just say that three through strolling fasten teeny dreams dust heap leaper file a heap of car filed for the cats so nell carter carter's like i'm not following anymore so dropped she drops the mic in the fish tank in leaves she's like you are all misbehaving so then like it's an kyle kyle big thing is that like no one set up for her about the pani gate thing that that that to read rebate is heavy implication and noone said read that's ridiculous kyle had nothing to do with it everyone was silence so then everyone starts doing this thing of like especially eric like well i didn't because i was going to feel a lot going on i had to process i i was running my own book my head i was a lot to take in because 'cause obviously if she had said that you've done it i would been like no other do the but i was going to do.

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