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Smooth. Meantime, people don't even know what we're saying. But they feel the music because the music speaks a different language, and it's not always English. We Spanish it's a different language. It's universal us together for eight years. They just released an album called, it's time tapa music. They play is called son, Harold show, LA Bamba. Right. The one son that people know from how I always tell people, you know, how they go. No, go you ever heard of LA Bamba, Nicole yet? That's. And so we remixed all jam four hundred year old jam called LA Bamba. And we rewrote lyrics to it to talk about you know, talking about the violence in Arizona. Taking a stance against anti war. And there was another version there what we talk about growing up in east LA sort of our experience, you know, as La Bomba lab. I'm Barbara Bel chickens. Chicanos east. You're not getting better. I don't believe in borders, and I'm gonna I'm gonna clash them. I'm gonna crossed it. At this place called the east side cafe in this place is inspired by the movement. Because basically, it's the community organizing and pitching in to have the space open, and they teach free, classes, English, classes, computer, classes and musical buses one day. This teachers is hey, I'm gonna teach. Which is one of the instruments they use virtual and bring some friends from those teachings. Let's go fellas came to be about there. That is like I'm a person that goes to the coffee. Shop the cockpit that I you know, purposely name. Settles because. This is all about balance and equality and women and men bright. So we're all equal just like this movement. Hiccup gentlemen. A lot of our music and a lot of our inspiration is derived from the movement of people that we know today. Let's go. Music has traveled back home to their roots to go away when their signs actually get inspired from. I had a homeboy.

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