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7 22. It is balanced out in the morning. This is one of 43. Maya. Dammit. Traditional Halloween will not be allowed in l a county this year because the pandemic Oh, man, I knew this is common. New guidelines released by Health officials do not allow for door to door trick or treating officials say it would be too hard to maintain social distancing trunk or treating where kids collect treats by going car to car. We'll also be banned. You mean number drive through events across the lake where kids remain in their cars and go through an area with Halloween displays. Have the police that I guess we have to rely on our better angels to make something like that happened. Just one more thing for kids to have to deal with with distance learning, and I realized it I knew something was coming was on the horizon. We can all see it. I just don't think about it. Barrier head in the sand, But for a lot of kids, it's going to be incredibly impactful. It's disappointing. Yesterday, the Los Alamitos Unified School District became the first in Orange County to reopen some of its schools to in person instruction. Six elementary schools in the district were able to welcome back students after being granted a waiver from the state or its county could be allowed to reopen all schools for in person instructions to turn 20 seconds from my way once again. The only thing ever. It was l a county So we don't have a San Martino, Riverside OSI. Other counties were responding. Ventura County. I don't know yet. We're all coming out there to your county's Yes, we're gonna have to buy some extra bags of candy photo help. People always hate somebody the buses in kids into their neighbour to something like that. Which isn't really sure whatever. So we all just get a big old caravan head TOC. We heard you got the full size candy bars. The Clippers New Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center has received final approval from the City Council. Big instruction next Summer 1.2 billion World class campus. We'll include an 18,000 see basketball arena. A team practice facility in a large space for live entertainment. Wow. We're building some stuff. And who knows? We're all sitting in these things together, you know? Coming up next. Is there an urban legend about your hometown? Something called the thin man. Was in Kevin's hometown. There was a guy that lived nobody ever saw him, but he lived at the end of his old dirt road, gravelly road. There was an old house down there. I don't even think anybody lived in there. But they're the rumor was the urban legend was That he was a thin man with fins instead of hands. No matter and men. He lived at the end of gravelly road. Yes. You know when he didn't have, like, gills or anything, Just finish that fence. Yeah, And that was it. Like just his hands were friends. Correct? Okay? Every now and then, when he looked out in your swimming pool in the backyard at a dark night, you see Finn mad swimming through pool after pool splashing around. Then he'd walk back down the gravelly road. Complaining about the gravel out his fins as you walked All right. So if you got something about your hometown texting 314 threesome, urban.

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