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Palmer. Race live in jones storms. They say Charlie atkins almost Jamie davis most of kids now are in six four on the. Yeah yeah with. Being in the nervous class i guess yeah. Yeah next on If you could go back to any a or rights in so atp well-supervised air would you have liked to have race in. Who would've your lights raced against a lot to with like kevin schwantz. Yeah yeah everyone says boy. Do you want to hundreds what was it now sees trials on rod about. Say you've been on a few track days on thousand that you enjoy. I'll see you in our troy. Coast love the power power. Ask yeah well we. That's pretty young was not legal to be on the thousand a year age yet. I'm on the super bowl. How great a very question. There wasn't legal basically anyway this actually this was gonna be a question for probably a question for you the future of race in and you like the looks of the electric acheson's do you think have you ever had the johnson gets arrived on yet or would you think you would enjoy broad one but fun. I feel like they'll be looking toy and not like a mother by a man i think. Do you think you'll miss the sound of the bikes things. That points do eventually go to electric. Yeah won't be the same with it won't be as maximum. That will my questions for me today. right then well there you go Good good questioning. Sorry cotton alone is always doing something else. I was actually just gotten some comments just to say because i know a few team bosses tuned in listening to the show and While it seems like a few bucks. Yeah i was goes so many male exactly so yeah they Bought maybe just. Maybe we'll see you Riding again doing something in europe all wherever just quick thing. If max is struggling to find rallied. I'm looking for some more team really does for my Free take series of maxine. Yes hi max interested in doing some endurance race and he's more than welcome to come join sayed. Yes i'll be there in you. Want to pay him. Yeah i think that's appropriate a few teams The might be interesting now. They have you heard of the pretext series max v seen. It wasn't yeah. I remember seeing. Yeah you were there. Because eddie was rolling in money yet. Charlie atkins eddie marauding in it so we did the mallory park race as just absolutely county. One hundred bikes on the grid falls called shit. Yeah country and also. Don't forget fab racing as well. The occasional bike race. Or whatever you want to do their wow easy. Dot com for aces totally fun. Now bring my one day off so excellent word from you. Max and Well maybe we'll talk again over the winter aurora early in the new year after you've announced a superstar big ride somewhere a doing something glamorous and yeah thank you know as max jesse a fantastic. Thank you very much. The superbike show will continue right now. Show on motor sports radio on balkan. I am thome sites who is motor sport. Radio yeah brilliant. Sue from max cook eight is on the show eight sir hello and evening news going to be sort of thing happening so yes still on the show with his jay kink j. He's been a fast paced show so we don't really have much time to talk To just on anything else We were talking about earlier. Boy is your to carry keystone goal. Obviously steps should talk mind would be suspicious minds by presley. Obviously oh and do you have to have a few drinks before we get on the or is it me. Yeah yeah the jets. We need tomorrow. Boasted wouldn't be busted actually is a living on a prayer on jay fake wash. It could've gone through. I by the one time i was a little bit. Not roy had enough to get up on there. I think it was some guilt. Beautiful by james blunt. Oh gee i was joined by people. I i wasn't just on my. Let's learn something about roller of courses heights. All off. what are you talking about. You say the acdc all the bg's to say see say all the bg's you could not be different dopamine. Fox whatever. But i won't tell but i won't tell menu with with my singing abilities even though has been Singing quite a lot this week. Mostly so the new acdc album which i actually purchased with money for the first time in like ten years actually bought an album. Ooh does that instead of just like screaming. Anyway that's beside the point. Because i wanted to respect music and the guys alike in the midst. Well before we get lots about this the very last over my was online and he was. It cost me ten eleven and it was an obama girl. The one who brought eight hundred seven so. I'm not really all favored by music integral looking up. Whatever dumpsite better you had is one in.

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