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A former spur has ripped a current spur or at least a current spur for now this is bruce bowen former spurs guard a one titles in san antonio talking about the coli leonard saga on sirius xm nba radio i think there's nothing but excuses going on so i was while i was misdiagnosed let look here you got eighteen million dollars this year and you think that they're trying to rush you you didn't play for the most part a full season this year and you're the goto guy year the franchising you want to say that they didn't have your best interests at heart are you kidding me not one time has come out and said anything to the effect of you know what hey i really enjoy being in san antonio or i can't stand what's going on here in san antonio not one time yeah and he went on to talk about remember kawhi leonard was not around the team during the playoffs and he said quote as a player if i'm the leader of a team might team goes on the road in the playoffs i'm with my guys because that's what it's all about it's about camaraderie it's about fellowship it's a brotherhood when that didn't happen it's all kinds of sirens and alarm signals that say to me quote is this person fully vested is he wrong i mean that's the thing about this this leonard thing it's it's not like we've really heard from him we we we haven't heard anything from him there's been a lot of conjecture there's been a lot of innuendo in you wendo and rumor and a lot of he said they may say that kind of thing but we really haven't directly heard from lennon he has and bruce bowen is right he has not come out and said i've been a spur my whole career i love being a spur love san antonio loved my relationship with gregg popovich love my teammates wanna be a part of the solution you've gotten none of that but i'm not necessarily sure there should be any of that because i don't think he feels that way to me this is this is this is quite simple you have a guy just simply doesn't want to be a part of the san antonio spurs anymore and i talked about this a little bit on on on on one of these shows last week where it's it's like a relationship where you know maybe you've gone on a couple of dates maybe you've had a long term relationship whatever it is and suddenly she stops for returning your phone calls and stops returning your texts and is very cold towards you and you you pick up on the hints in the hints are quite obvious or i don't know the quiet letter needs to really say anything he's not gonna come out and say i want to be a spur because it's pretty clear that he doesn't want to be a spur it's pretty clear that he wants almost nothing to do with that franchise whether it be the coach the gm the owner of the players whatever it is and so he's not gonna come out and say something that he doesn't mean bruce bones not wrong but kawhi leonard incan assay something that he doesn't mean if you want him to come out and say i i love being in san antonio i love being with the spurs you're asking him to come out and tell a lie he doesn't want to be with them anymore and you know that doesn't mean that he's not gonna play for them next year we'll talk about that in just a second but it's it's pretty it's pretty clear to see here for for me at least colli leonard is trying to navigate his exit from the san antonio spurs he's trying to get out of there as soon as possible a year before he can in free agency maybe it's so he can be a key pawn and whatever happens with lebron james for whatever reason he doesn't want to san antonio spurs the spurs have so far reportedly of stiff arm the la lakers and they're looking at dealing kawhi leonard to eastern conference teams only and on the surface i certainly understand why because the spurs you probably know this are a western conference team and so do you want to compete against this guy do you want to compete against the team that this guy is going to go to that you would be trading them to on the surface i understand that at the same time if you know he's going to leave at the end of next year anyway and he is.

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