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OO five James Rosen is back in a thirty five Philip van cleave from the Virginia citizens defense league joins us on the water with Colin good morning to you Tulsi Gabbard is running for president has sued Hillary Clinton for defamation anything in she's seeking fifty million dollars in damages for harming her reputation she's also seeking to use Hillary Clinton's face as a rung in the ladder to the presidency that's let's be honest about what's going on here but does he Gabbard who's the big you know not been shy at all about going after Hillary Clinton doing it again and she picked a good week for it because remember Hillary's attacking Bernie Sanders and saying nobody like Sam and the crowd that would be willing to consider somebody like Tulsi Gabbard is mostly Bernie supporters anyway thank and she's just trying to I think jump all over that news cycle so here she is suing Hillary Clinton for fifty million dollars for defamation now how did Hillary defame her well last year remember Hillary had suggested that somebody who was running for president was a quote Russian assets a Russian assets and also you have the time and any yeah now observer with three brain cells around rub together knew that she was talking about Tulsi Gabbard new the all the contacts clothes were really clear Hillary Clinton was talking about the Hawaii congresswoman and are the lawsuit that Gabbert has filed says that sure her presidential candidacy have been damaged by Hillary and she says that Hillary's comments were motivated by anger that Gabbard had endorsed Bernie Sanders in two thousand and sixteen that Hillary's people including their spokesman Nick Merrill saying this is all ridiculous but merry I I gotta say I went actually read the the lawsuit itself yeah it's it's been all over social media it's great and it is so funny how the listener the way this first paragraph is written I'll include all of the legalese because it's just it makes it so much better listen plaintiffs Tulsi Gabbard and tall see now incorporated collectively Tulsi bring this lawsuit against defendant Hillary Rodham Clinton Clinton for defamation Tulsi Gabbard is running for president of the United States a position Clinton has long coveted but has not been able to attend I was like oh my goodness this woman is spitting fire from the top I adore it she says in October two thousand nineteen whether out of personal animus political political enmity or for fear of real change within a political party Clinton and our allies have long dominated Clinton lied about her perceived rival Tulsi Gabbard she did so publicly on ambiguously and with obvious malicious intent policy has been harmed by Clinton's lies in American democracy has suffered as well this pretty great said tossing just the latest to you know cast Clint aside in the Democratic Party and say how author I'm suing her I love this who doesn't love this this is again all over social media yesterday and and people with that line underlined in red all over Twitter Tulsi Gabbard is running for president of the United States opposition Clinton has long coveted but has not been able to attain I love the second sentence in that filing and she is the rowing down on Hillary Clinton she she says things like this she says that she knew that Clinton had a straight this is all on the lawsuit that tall so you knew that Clinton had a stranglehold over the Democratic Party and that crossing Clinton who considered herself the inevitable nominee could mean the end of our own political career yet Tulsi put the country before herself and she publicly endorsed senator Sanders becoming the most prominent politician to do so at the time Clinton a cut throat politician by any account has never forgotten this perceived slight and October two thousand nineteen she sought retribution by allying publicly and loudly about Tulsi Gabbard I love that if she calls Clinton cut throat I cut throat politician by any account and the client had a stranglehold over the Democratic Party I mean it's pretty obvious that the lawsuit is written for public consumption it's not you know I don't think in the end toss is gonna win a defamation case against Hillary Clinton but she will amuse us in the process how absolutely you know what else is twenty trending I've seen all over social media as well with this tell together didn't killers of our every are there already there was a I think I just want to get out in front of this thing tell the get ridiculous aha yeah I mean it is a bit is interesting to see you how things have changed with Hillary Clinton and how massively it seems like the parties a bit schizophrenic about actually because some segments of the party are still holding on to the idea that she was robbed and we'll talk about a more this morning when we talk about impeachment but that was it essentially what Adam Schiff was saying ad nauseam yesterday that Hillary Clinton was robbed that trump colluded with Russia he's still holding on to that to steal an election Hillary Clinton but then there are segments of the party and I guess they I guess you'd consider them the more progressive segments the board the more socialist segments the Bernie Sanders types the Tulsi Gabbard types the Elizabeth Warren crowd potentially for more willing to say how with Hillary she was a sucky Canada she didn't have the American people's interests at heart I regret that I ever voted for her and I never want to see her again and that's a that's a real segment of the population yeah and those are the people are supporting the sap some of them are supporting burning out but certainly people who are supporting the types like entry Yang and Tulsi Gabbard in any of these other candidates a lot of looking back with open eyes about Hillary Clinton now with all the name Hillary the candidate with a brokered convention but I'm telling you to shut their eyes again great for they don't show up or they don't show up to vote five forty three a WMAL have a your natural bright white why it looks a lot like winter in West Virginia a police family and friends can gather and find her for you on a skating rink ski slope or backcountry trail then escaped to a mountain retreat with those that matter most.

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