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WG y local leaders making sure to be prepared to address the challenges presented by mother nature today. Colony town. Supervisor Paula Mahan telling news channel thirteen they wanna make sure they account for having to navigate the slick roads also have extra staff on EMS. So we're prepared because it could take longer to get from the hospital or from a home to a hospital. So we want to make sure we have staff constantly as well as our police will be out there. We've got enough four wheel drive vehicles to get to where we need to get to also reminder from Phil staff of the Saratoga county DPW while they might be attempting place to play. It's very dangerous and children's should not be playing in or around large snowbanks left behind by plows. Santa pull out on the eve of Reverend Dr Martin Luther King junior's birthday says only thirty five percent of New Yorkers think race relations in the state or good or excellent. As compared to. Sixty two percent who characterized the misfire poor that compares to twenty thirteen. Went fifty four percent had a positive view of race relations in the state and a similar poll more than two-thirds, say, ethnic and racial minorities. Experienced discrimination in some form ceremonies honoring Dr king tomorrow in Albany have been moved indoors due to the dangerously. Frigid temperatures expected following a memorial observance at approximately eleven thirty AM procession will start inside the Empire State plaza concourse directly outside the convention center and conclude at the Dr Martin Luther King junior seeds of enlightenment sculpture at the north concourse another telephone scam making its way through Columbia County. The sheriff's office mean telephone number has even appeared on the caller ID in one case share of David Bartlett saying that the sheriff's office will never ask for payments over the phone, and that gift cards will not be considered an acceptable form of payment. If you've been victimized by the scam. You're asked to contact the sheriff's office whether or not. Newsradio eight ten one or three one WG y listen for.

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