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It is the CEO Day Radio program. We're gonna grab a couple of calls here momentarily. One other story and we didn't do it last week because it happened early enough was the USA. Today's fact check where they fact check said Oh, Joe Biden wasn't looking at his watch during the The ceremony for the fallen soldiers returning and, um It was it was misleading, or I remember what they ruled it as but it was misleading and they came to conclusion only looked at his watch, after which flies in the face of the video of the thing and The statements by multiple families who were there to receive the remains their loved ones. Um and then they end up having it corrected and they didn't even change it to true. They changed it to missing context. So it's been a pretty crappy week for him, and I'm just looking at the CNN headline here. Jobless Americans left scrambling after pandemic unemployment benefits end That's I saw that story over the weekend to they were People were very, very concerned. Jobless Americans left scrambling after pandemic unemployment benefits and Man. Only there's something they could do. To remedy that situation. If you don't have a job. Um do we know if anyone's hiring as any? Has anyone heard anything on that? Yeah, I believe they estimate there's 10 million jobs available right now, And I know in North Carolina. There are Because of the weird hours that some places are having to maintain because they simply can't staff properly. But they never really get into that. The irony, of course, is I'm looking at the CNN story in the picture they chose behind. It has a now hiring sign. They really didn't go down that road if you watch the video, so all right. Let's get into this. Uh, Louis. You're up first. Go ahead. Um Let's talk about the other medicine story. You know, The first thing that kicked out to me was that they were saying that you know, the Gunshot victims were the ones not being treated, and I'm like, Okay, this is Oklahoma. I like the south side of Chicago where you've got all these gunshot victims lined up. You know, So that's the first thing that I knew that it was a false story was that you know Well now, sir, they have a lot of guns in in Oklahoma. Right, so they had 2019. I just I was able Look it up while I was on hold 2019. They had 787. Yeah, Death But but gunshot in 2019 so I think that the chance that two hospitals are turning away gunshot victims forever. Make them overdose, right. Uh, well, it also, Yeah. Also flies in the face of triaging. I mean, which is pretty standard practice in an emergency room setting, right, right? Yeah. So all right. Some guy comes in. He's bleeding out. I'm sorry, sir. You have to wait. He was here first. Yeah, That's not really how that works. Alright, Jim, go right ahead. Hey, there's and then the story, Casey that you missed, Um, the one about the mother with her three Children that were evacuated from Afghanistan that the State Department took credit for When actuality it was another group that got him out of there. They won't Fox news, saying that not only State department not do anything to help them, they hindered them the whole way. And having to turn on the news Last night, I turned the TV on and it came on CNN and CNN news and they were reporting on how the State Department did such a great job getting these this family out when Reality. They did nothing but tender the group that actually got him out. Well, that's the state Department being garbage, So yeah. You know they're going to have to take someone because, frankly, their press conference with such a dumpster fire where he's having to sit there and admit that they don't have a plan. For the people in Afghanistan. That's what happens when you have a Biden in office. Well, I appreciate the call. Thank you very much for doing nicknames again, Okay? I battle with this. I want to call him President. Silver alert, but I always forget to so And you gotta kind of muscle memory train yourself so Anyway. All right, 8889347874. Okay, that's going well there. Right. Let me grab this. Sorry. I thought that call was going to take a little longer. I was reading this story, All right? This is this is pretty crazy. I feel like Johnston County would be the worst place to pull this crap, though in the state of North Carolina are close. Johnston County Sheriff's Office says they're stepping up patrols in the four Oaks area after a report of a police impersonator. An 18 year old Benson woman told authorities she was driving August 28th when she noticed a car following or She turned on packing plant road. A flashing blue light went on atop the car, which she described as a silver Dodge charger. However, once she pulled over, she said, the light turned off Two men then got out of the car, and the teen said both were wearing ski masks and dark clothing. And to her credit, she got the heck out of Dodge Man. Johnson County sheriff's officer. They received no similar reports. Since then Michael Barber, whose farm is along the Rhodes said he wasn't surprised by the incident, noting there had been break ins and suspicious activities in the area. Yeah. So what kind of which you geniuses think that it's a good idea to be rolling up on Rando cars in Johnston County at night? Somebody's going to put a hole in one of you guys..

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