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News was a good news outta there are some legitimate talent on the gong show though michael winslow oh yeah that's right michael winslow the in person he was he did all those weird sounds danny alvin employed of going go was on the only goal buoying go night for the awing go blowing go with the ball to on we're going go fungo i can go going down you know won't get the yeah i've ever so you're received about no i don't know everybody can bone but the head there was a little style to it really doesn't i've put together the one song when you know you could go up to girls in you didn't even really helped them out that's been a bit you just going to go bump nearly yeah oh yeah are you could you could bump like you could be the throw that is more somebody else the goal bob somebody you didn't even know yeah to be careful you is about just to do this you do have some tips on both ones we people from bold and it was funny always easy to improve the club's funny that was the biggest there nightclubs frutos really going to white people could do it almost every why person competitively one person cabal the some better than others but everyone can bomb interesting yeah i've never heard of the well i am heard a bit but i mean i really don't know what it is mostly behind sheer away i think the predators layered who bowl colon but i don't know i don't know about wentz figured out i don't know maybe sounds like the emotions schein on that there are could've been this is a killer so i love the sound by the way brian billick was on the gong show doing what belichick forming every team known as the spider monkey with the head coach of the vikings yes really we have to put that opener when the world comedies were to it's it performing or retain a routine known as this fighter.

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