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Great to have you on as always thanks for your time today. Thank them at Kentucky sin. Jim. You're. Not to be confused with Robert Mueller. One hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. Why me you know, I've got to figure. I mean, if you're if you're if you're if you're bees though, so you know, what you're probably thinking. Thirty seven billion have that to like sixty five billion. I can still keep my house in Maui. Still keep my Shelley and Idaho. My mansion in Malibu are figuring. You know, I'm gonna probably be worth ninety one hundred billion about two or three years anyway because Amazon's taken over everything. They're gonna take over your healthcare. So that's what he's probably thinking. Look here. You know, take your sixty five billion and get out of my life. But I just I find it fascinating. That, you know, there's just you know, money does not buy you brings just didn't didn't in this case. I mean, think of these think of these these marriages is blue remote, Steven Spielberg. Got he got divorced. When was that? He was married. Amy Irving who is some actress of little note back in the eighties one hundred million dollar settlement. Harrison Ford, he split his he and his wife were together. I don't maybe eighteen twenty years cost him like one hundred million to get divorced and wasn't a remember. I'd do that Madonna was married to what was that guy's name. Richie Guy Ritchie. And they got divorced. And it was like, and I'm sure it wasn't money. Come in from him. It was like a ninety million to get to one hundred and thirty seven billion dollars. I can't fathom that. Unbelievable. But that's what's going down. And this apparently is going to be the talk of Hollywood and the business world. I saw someone as President Trump about this the other day, and I said, what would your advice be to Jeff Bezos? And he said good luck is going to be a beauty. One fifty NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w this is the stuff that affects all of us. We wanted you got..

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