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Here we, are talking about our? Podcast I remember when athletic I started I told Marcus. Thompson all, these articles, came out and I I. Wrote an article and dabble a, little in college. And Phil. Came out with an article. And it. Was like I look at markets like athletic dinner I'm. Like what am I doing. This guy is on a completely different. Level and Marcus I I you know it's like Yeah. Was just I'm not worthy do. You feel thank like Garoppolo like I'm. The best writer in the room. You know Jimmy was with Brady and New. England on the best quarterback in, the room when, you, look at Cal academy and Marcus Ethan, Strauss and all these guys do you think I'm the, best writer in the room well you know I'm I'm just, like Jimmy you know you have to. Think that, if you're successful when? I sit down at the laptop I feel as good. As anybody, anybody in, the country Yeah I don't think writers thicker themselves in the same way because it's so. Subjective it'd be honest in terms of the. Writing so I try to do the best I can every now with. That I feel like I write a. Sentence it's pretty, good but I don't so. Much I try not to compare myself. Riders I'm just happy to be part of a staff like with some of the guys that you, mentioned did? You Did you ever cover tiger in his in his heyday in the early, two thousands No, I never, did the one, thing that I did on her was actually after the you know the the fall, the With the with with eland I wrote, about his you know about the fall. Out of, it and and everything and I tried to get. To talk to tiger but not surprisingly decline all interview requests so. No I never never did get to write about it and. It's, it's been interesting. To watch his to watch the arc I never thought that he, would come, as close to, winning And frankly if you did this weekend that. You know I think we all at least most? Of us got to a point where we just thought it's it's never gonna happen for tiger he's never get back but he's, he's come, closer than I ever thought he would fill John. I gotta this briefly just at the end of, Garry show about free agency in the. San Francisco, Giants transition to baseball and Bryce Harper's free agency. How much do you think over the years watching does the ballpark. Affect the giants ability to sign power hitters in free agency I think it's significant I think. You know I I don't think it's it's any if any myth I mean I really do think that particularly power hitters don't have any don't have. Any desire to come here if they have it? All things being equal they'll go to a better ballpark it's more conducive to To power hitters. I think that guy's definitely see that their, their power numbers their Homer numbers. Are probably gonna decline Playing at AT and t. and I don't think that that's, overblown I think, that's a that's a real thing I can't say that I've talked to. Players specifically who've said that but. You know it just stands to reason that that's that would be a major issue it does feel like feeling it, someone tweeted at me when I said this, and the numbers did, that. Back me up with, the top tier guys especially in the, NFL west when they come whether it's Aaron Otto Goldschmidt. I mean the top some the. Highest players in the, league don't, have problems hitting dismantle shots and neither did bury, now we asterik whatever behind that I do think Bryce, for example you maybe it affects a guy like Brandon belt you know that might be you put them in Cincinnati would hit thirty. With these and maybe his best. Year with San Francisco will one baby low twenty s hopefully this year we'll see but. A guy like Bryce Harper you think if he, was here next year with the. Giants, and had a good year I like to me if he's having a. Good he could hit fifty home runs I I don't think. Him specifically or or even if Mike Stanton had agreed last year now the average the above average guy Brandon bells above average the it affects. Guys like that I don't know. If it would have a huge effect because I watched the Anna west come in and..

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