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Have you Wednesday. Happy Hump Day. Glad to have you with. I know for a lot of people. In this audience in my afternoon audience. That the past year we're coming up on a year since the lock downs, you know, 15 days to flatten the curve. Remember, that seems like just yesterday. That the economy has really been bad for people. Whenever I see shuttered businesses as I travel around The different metropolitan area. Can't help but think not just of those particular businesses. That are no longer there. But of all of the People that are connected to that business. Maybe it's the shopping. Maybe it's the shop owner's wife. Her husband or boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe it's their kids. In their customers. Perhaps it's the individual that was bringing the The Amazon package is with the vet expected use UPS packages. Maybe was the person that took care of the maintenance of the building. Maybe was the landlord your stop and think about that. Everybody hates landlords, Right? Well, you know, maybe that landlord that had that strip mall Maybe he poured his life savings into that, And that was his income that was his retirement income. Now he's lost that, and he's desperately seeking somebody else to fill that space. Since we've destroyed the business that was there. Must, Beyonce Unless, of course, it was a really crappy business. That just, you know, couldn't make it. That's one thing. But we have to at least consider the possibility. That when we told everybody stay home when we scared the freak out of everybody and you, you can't go anywhere and you can't do anything. And if you're gonna kill Grandma and grandpa, and you're gonna get me horrible, right? Absolutely horrible. Well, now that landlord Just desperately trying to find somebody to fill that space. Because he may solve a mortgage on that property. So you got a few tenants left, but you know, now he has to dip into a savings. Or maybe he's not making as much as he did. So. Now he's had he's had to cut back his spending. And that ripple effect just goes on and on and on. I am. A lot of people. We were considered, you know essential workers. Oftentimes, don't take Moment to stop and think about those people. Who have Lost. The rain comes There. They're depressed. They're anxious. Maybe they've completely given up hope. You know that? Colorado. Had one of the Best labor markets in the entire country. I know it's hard to believe this now. But back before all of this started, we had a low sub 3% unemployment rate prior to the pandemic less than 3% 5%. Unemployment is generally considered full employment and we were 3% but actually below 3%. Now, what's the what's the result of having that low of an unemployment rate? It means that everybody who is looking for workers. Has to compete with everybody else looking for a smaller and smaller pool of workers. Which means you have to offer more benefits were better benefits or higher self salaries are higher wages. And so we saw that happening in Colorado. We saw that wages were beginning to rise and we were we were on the verge of just economic Tsunami of fantastic news. Have endured, polls decided to shut down everything. The unemployment rate skyrocketed to 6.4%. Last November. To 8.4% in December. May not seem like a lot to you. But if you're in that 8.4% It's It's devastating to you. It's also the fourth highest in the entire country. The fourth highest unemployment rate in the entire country. In the vast majority of those job losses were within Colorado's and I want you to stop and think about this. If you had to just guess real quickly. Name. The one named the number one business in Colorado. Many of you would think tourism. Hospitality. People come here, Ski. They come here to wreck Read to come here to hike. They come here to camp. They come here to go to all of the mountain towns and enjoy all the seasons. Spring. Camel by winter. We're a destination state. In the vast majority of job losses were within that hospitality and leisure section sector which experienced the brunt of Pulis's draconian shutdown mandates. Not just it's not me, saying this. Money. The Denver Post ran the story. The document it concerns from financial analyst Small business owners and local economists about the nail dire state of cholera was once booming labor market. What The Denver Post had to say. It appears the on again off again Efforts to find a balance between the economy and the number of covert 19 cases killed the economy. From unemployment perspective, according to Gary Horvath, an economist based in Broomfield. Now, if you listen to pull it from the Democrats, they argue that the shutdown actually put us in a better situation economically once the pandemic begins subside, But that prediction has turned out to be Absolutely wrong. Completely wrong. Our labor market is now so bad. We even trail New Mexico. State with far more systemic economic problems that we have here and the Colonna Restaurant Association finally After I've grated them on air for numerous times finally came out and said this For reasons she still doesn't understand. Sonia Riggs, president and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, said Colorado officials chose to take a harder line against bars and restaurants than other states did. They did so without presenting studies to show restaurants where a significant contributor to the spread of covert 19 cases. For example, capacity was captain 50, even.

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