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Three thousand word piece today written by two people mark Fisher in Sydney Trent the headline blackface incident at post cartoonists two thousand eighteen hollowing party resurfaces amid protests note can you name the Washington post political cartoonist no you could why would you nobody needs to know who the Washington post's political cartoonist it's it's Tom Coles by the way just I know that because it's right there in the first line of the article this story three thousand words is not recounting how somebody you've heard up wore blackface in two thousand eighteen it's about somebody you never heard of dressed up as to mock Megan Kelly who had just been fired for saying that you know when I was she said quote when I was a kid it was okay as long as you are dressing up as like a character to wear blackface which is true demonstrably trip how many kids out there in the early eighties dressed up as Mr T. for Halloween and that now is everybody going to have to go through their old phone family photo albums and make sure that they destroy any evidence that they ever dressed up like Mr T. for Halloween probably but this story listen to this scene and it tells you how self indulgent it is and how destructive it is this woman has never heard of her before you'll never hear from again but our life is now ruined because two years later somebody decided they wanted another scalp all right every year Tom toles Halloween party draws an eclectic mix journalists and political types from Washington's power elite got their serfs casting but also artists and musicians everyone from retirees to college kids jam small rooms and sprawled across the backyard dancing and gossiping checking out the crowd to see who has the most inventive and outrageous costumes of the two thousand eighteen party at the home of a Washington post editorial cartoonist in addition to several Ruth Bader Ginsburg's in C. everybody's dressed up as Darth Vader Ginsburg because they're all lefties someone dressed as the Muller witch hunt and post columnist Dan of Milbank Dana Milbank came as just confirm Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh complete with a beer dispensing device on his head aren't they just nice thank you take them seriously a middle aged woman named sue Schaefer now you probably didn't know who sue Schaefer was you probably never heard that name before but her life is now in turmoil because two years after the fact this liberal and her Halloween costume Joyce questioned by the woke mom a middle aged woman named sue Schaefer wore a conservative business suit and a name tag that said hello my name is Megan Kelly her face was almost entirely black and with make up Kelly then NBC morning show host had just that week caused a stir by defending the use of blackface by white people not sure she was defending the use of blackface by white people by the quote I read you earlier but whatever so just before heading over to the party J. for a graphic designer and friend of tolls decided to dress is Kelly in black face to marker she said some of the approximately one hundred guests at the home of the cartoonist in the districts American University Park neighborhood said they didn't notice the black face some noticed it and said nothing a few walked up the Schaefer who was then fifty four and challenged her about her costume Gruber who is of Puerto Rican descent and her friend lyric prince who is African American confronted Schaefer directly quote you understand how offensive that could lead to a person of color rivers said according to two witnesses I'm Megan Kelly it's funny favor replied the witnesses said who remembers a scrap two years later the incident which has bothered some people ever since with math wake up in a cold sweat of note two years ago I saw something in a Halloween costume that I couldn't believe it she's on your team she's a liberal but they just want blood would bother some people ever since but which many guests remembered only barely or not at all has resurfaced in the nation wide reckoning over race after George Floyd he didn't resurface it didn't boil up to the top somebody at the post reported on the told people didn't resurface they went and found it and rather than go who is this person Schaefer and never heard of her when was this two years ago now I know I never heard of this person the story no not gonna rated this is not news worthy now it suddenly became newsworthy however felt compelled to revive the twenty eighteen incident last week she emailed tolls whom she never met she goes to the party she is offended by somebody's costume and two years later she feels compelled I feel this compulsion to to tell everybody in two thousand eighteen I attended a Halloween party at your home she wrote I understand you are not responsible for the behavior of your gas but at the party a woman was in blackface she harassed me and my friend the only two women of color and it was clear she made her costume with racist intent the only two women so you you do you want around to check the ethnicity of everybody in the room who are the only two women of color Robert a twenty seven year old management consultant twenty seven so two years ago she was twenty five why she hang around with a bunch of fifty year old at a party a twenty seven year old management consultant told told that the incident had called weighed heavily on my heart it was apparent in agreed yes she asked him to help her identify the woman we must he must fight I need to know who this woman was you must be destroyed and this other guy instead of just blowing off the email said all right we will find her and we will kill her quote after the killing of George Floyd in the protest I began reflecting more on this incident Gruber said in an email seeking post coverage of the incident well mission accomplished there I wanted to know who this woman is what impact does she have on society I think this is an important story that a party full of prominent people in Washington welcomed a person in blackface danced and drank with her and watched in silence as she harassed two young women of color god she sounds insufferable never hi is births and effort thank you just wouldn't review terribles a lawsuit waiting to happen prince thirty six African American woman a science writer art critic and artist once Schaefer to explain publicly why she did what she did you already know why she did what she did she told you that night but these leftists they want blood these little activists what kind of thirty six year old hangs around the twenty five year old just asking there's more to this story and the inevitable conclusion they got their scalp we'll get to in a second but first I'm here to let you know that cosmetic in advance dentistry of Baltimore is re opened they've been very open for a month now back in business you no longer have to put off getting that million dollar smile you can once again get your smile makeovers veneers implant implants implant retained dentures whatever it.

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