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Nobody does it better mark Levin mark Levin said because nobody could say and better now seven seven three eight one three eight one one well we're close Donald Trump junior how are you Sir I'm doing well my friend how are you I'm doing great and you know you and I really hit it off when I interviewed you don't you think you know what I I really enjoyed it it was great to be able to have the time to actually sort of you get through the point spread so good you know I'm used to doing it on Twitter where everything you wanted forty characters or less and yet the sort of all of the world with that if you have great to be able to spell out the formula well it's good to have you back here your fantastic book triggered great Christmas gift it's done absolutely stupendously but I want to talk to you I want to talk to you about this impeachment I imagine it's been on your mind a little bit and now we've Nancy Pelosi she like the biggest screw ball of all here she has her impeachment it's bogus accounts are bogus and what does she do she pulls another policy so she decides they're gonna sit on it until she can blackmail the United States Senate and the Republicans to do what she wants them to do what do you make of that well it's par for the course record all of the Democrats should be doing great it's no different than she is coordinating a set of rules so that he can say he's playing by the rules now when you look at the actual roles they're just the dream what wishes of the Democrat party right they call all the witnesses they get to make sure all the questions are that they get the interview everyone and back doors when Republicans start asking questions that they don't like and get answers that are convenient to their narratives they cut off the Republican questioning then they bring that partial facts that whatever's not already leaked to the media lose their marketing department and bring your fat partials access to the American people to try to create a narrative this thing has been a sham for a moment number one mark it's a total disgrace to our democracy into our Republic and it's just really scary at this point you know if you got what you wanted you wanted to do it she pretends to call it such a somber moment mark it's so slow market dressed in black because I really care about the constitution yeah our our our Republic I I care so much about it meanwhile all the other Democrats are laughing in their their little dances in their victory parties of the people at the Washington poster saying merry impeachment and they're posting about it on social media they don't even pretend to care anymore mark it's been going on since November ninth of twenty sixteen okay The Washington Post was the first one to write it up eleven minutes after my father was inaugurated and this is just the culmination of three years in change of absolute hate for a guy that's getting it done for a guy that's not going by what the Democrats would like him to do for a guy who's willing to fight back for you for me for all Americans and putting up unprecedented results mark they can't stand that because it's a disaster for their narrative of failed policies and idiotic more Roderick plans that are not thought out that makes no sense both economically mathematically or intellectually but that's all they have mark they have nonsense and they have a mainstream media who's willing to say that they can do no wrong because they too know nothing other than their leftist principles it's truly a sad day for this country yes it really is and they will do as much damage to the constitution as they can but they're damaging themselves I notice your father beats every Democrat head to head it surely but still he beats every Democrat head to head nationally and in the so called battle ground states he's doing quite well against the Democrats so this doesn't seem to be working doesn't know it doesn't know what's really interesting and I mean I see this speaking of my friends who are all who are reaching out to me that are never Trumper okay you know what I'm done with that how do I donate how do I get involved insanity at this point you know eat I think it's gonna backfire grossly I mean we did eight point one million and in a small fundraiser we put together at the last minute last Friday you people are coming out there getting involved I think it's motivating our side their site has only been motivated by hate and I can be a powerful motivator at times market our site is coming out and they're motivated by fax they're motivated by results they're motivated knowing that this country under Donald Trump is going to be in a better position for themselves for their families for their children and for their grandchildren the future when we preserve the great liberties that this country was founded on that's what my father has been doing he's been doing it in unprecedented fashion and again he's bringing out Republicans and making them willing to fight which was so something we were not good at for so long mark I mean you're leading the Republican Party for the last few decades no one has been better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory because they were just rolling over you know they turn the other cheek and you know I understand the concept in the biblical sense but it really hasn't done much for us politically sort of turning the other cheek every time so once the right of that article about use someone to every time they try to hit you because you're not left with enough but all of the nonsense the Republicans are finally pushing back all the nonsense that's been perpetrated by the far left which is totally taken over the Democrat party I I do want to make that distinction mark this is not your grandfather's Democratic Party isn't even your parents Democrat party anymore this is a far left party I know so many great hard working Democrats across the country and many of them are reaching out to me thank under Saddam as I've had enough with this nonsense like you know I see the results have been a Democrat but it's mostly because of the tradition you know of of being for working class Americans that party is long gone that party doesn't exist anymore that party really is now the Republican Party was fighting for the men and women the hard working men and women of this country and it's amazing metamorphosis it's great to see it happen and I think twenty twenty is gonna be a landslide for us you may well be right and what what do you make of these phony moderate Democrats in these trump districts almost every damn one of a vote for impeachment went the fraud to begin with they were were but you know the reality is that I mean that's what the Democrat party has done really well for decades right they sort of go in there and it takes someone who looks like there'd be conservative they get him to say something horrible father and then they get fifty three Rumer Nancy pulls a get a hold of them and they become less that that's the real problem if you look at some of the moderate Democrats excel at Harvard that'll governor Democrat yeah but then you look for their funding comes from okay it's coming from the Hollywood liberals are coming from New York City it's not coming for people of their district but whatever we yesterday was like half of those people over sixty to seventy percent of their money was coming from way outside of their district and frankly way outside of their state so it's all a marketing scam with the Democrats that's really what it is made and very good at doing that get someone that looks the part and they act moderately and the moderate but then you look at their actual voting record is like hello doesn't seem so moderate to me you know this the college Conor lands in Pennsylvania it's those kind of guys wow you loan paper he really seems like a be a model you're not married the vote ninety seven percent of the time with the Democrat party they get indoctrinated by Chuck in Nancy they're afraid to have an opinion beyond that because you see in the left eat their own as of late if you you know if you take a little bit you're never heard from the talking points it's over if you're on their side and so you know they're not really moderates they're just pretend moderates and the media will make them feel like they're moderates and I think now that people are getting involved in this process now the people are educating themselves you're seeing it and now because the Republican Party is finally pushing back and saying the truth and what needs to be said it's out there people get it they see it and they realize there's nothing moderate about the Democrat party anymore they are left yes they are socialists they are extremists and it's you know it was a big foundation of what I wrote about in in my book triggered because again I've experienced communism my mother escape from communism I grew up there it's semi summers in communist Czechoslovakia the child I can assure you there is a reason why the boats only go one way to America mark okay it's not because those values those principles in your that socio economic platform has worked anywhere it has failed every time and now the mainstream left has incorporated that to be a main talking point it's no longer fringe element it's a literally the way they want to go and that is scary for our country mark don junior The New York Times has a breaking story tonight that US attorney current is scrutinizing ex CIA director Brendan's role in the Russian interference findings to the point they report that he is securing Brandon's emails call logs other documents from the CIA that sounds pretty serious to me doesn't it to you it does and it's about time okay imagine conservatives at the top of these institutions we're doing all the things that they've done I mean and that's the big far for you so I G. Horowitz the report the media is running well there's no bias and it's like well I don't that's not what I got from the testimony what I got from the testimony in what was never made clear to the American people is that he said well there was no balls at the start of the investigation literally because no one actually use the word bias I go wait a minute so you mean all of the action all of the things that they said because they didn't say it was exquisite fire even though any reasonable thinking being that would realize that it was full of bias just because they thought that that was the reason and there was a very low bar you start an investigation so but I'll give them that that wasn't explained to the American people in the media that is right here let's move on the pretender happen I hope they go after these guys the same way they would if any member of the trump campaign any member of the trump family whether they're in politics or not what what they tried to do to me I want to see these guys scrutinized the exact same way okay I went through it for three years I was the number two target of.

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