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Any pricing on tires are service with available twelve months zero percent financing visit your local big O. tires today your seasonable temperatures today should be near ninety degrees that's about where we will be looking a little hotter over the next few days Clagett said this afternoon let's make it ninety tonight some clouds mild seventy two tomorrow some of clouds ninety three Friday more sun than clouds with highs in the mid nineties now as we look ahead to the upcoming weekend we should seek tropic storm crystal will pass well to our east I'm meteorologist race digit from the weather channel senatorial official weather station news radio twelve hundred W. away on Mormon up eighty five degrees under partly cloudy skies twelve oh one AM news radio twelve hundred W. alani San Antonio city leaders have announced that Alamo plaza will be closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic between eight PM and six AM every night through this coming Sunday morning the the closure is intended to reduce the risk of civil unrest city officials will be deciding later this week whether or not to extend it even longer though sixty thousand people marched the Houston city hall in a mostly peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd among them mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston police chief art Acevedo the family of Floyd as for peaceful protests and delivered a very powerful message can we more than two hundred arrests did they have to be made for those throwing rocks and bottles at officers the body of George Floyd expected to be returned to Houston where he grew up next week for funeral services.

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