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Long NewsRadio WFL thick fog around this morning, but mostly sunny and seventy seven in the afternoon. It's fifty eight degrees at NewsRadio WFL. A the autopsy report into the death of two year old Jordan belbow is revealed horrific. Details about the toddler's death. It shows the boy had a skull fracture bleeding in the brain a broken leg and cuts on his body. The Largo mother accused of killing her little boy last summer was in court while a custody battle may develop over her newborn daughter questions for me. Cherie Stinson appeared in Pinellas courtroom for the first time since giving birth to a girl serenity in jail this past December Stinson is charged with murdering her two year old son, Jordan, Bella VO last summer. The medical examiner has now released the autopsy report on Jordan's death concluding that the toddler died of blunt trauma with lacerations, fracturing and hemorrhaging. In the meantime, the foster family who had cared for Jordan before releasing the child back to Stinson last summer say they now have custody of serenity and are moving toward adopting her but the child's father, Jordan, Belvaux senior has also filed for custody of his newborn daughter. Sharon, Parker, NewsRadio WFL committee in the state legislature votes to allow the smokable form of medical marijuana. But only after adding language that could end up killing the Bill the poison pill in the medical marijuana Bill came from Senator gale herald who says smoking is no way to take your meds. Here is a sick. Ignificant association with smoking marijuana and cancer. There are thirty three christening in the smoke of medical marijuana. Would force patients to get a second opinion from a doctor who would have to certify that smoking is the only way to get the benefits of medical marijuana. Senator Jeff Brandis says that ruins the Bill patients right now would be better off with no Bill with this Bill, and if that amendment isn't removed Brenda says he won't be supporting his own Bill. Rick leg, Tallahassee President Trump will deliver his state of the union address tonight. San what can we expect political analyst Frank Orlando at Saint Leo university says stay tuned, President Trump off the cuff plays to his political instincts. President Trump off the teleprompter is usually a little more magnanimous and more not centrist. But more conciliatory, I think you'd be sticks to the script. You're probably going to see someone that's more not necessarily as abrasive -ly against the opposition. Orlando says the government shutdown and border security will almost surely be discussed during tonight's address which will be the president's first before a divided congress with Democrats in control of the house. You can hear tonight's address live on news RA. Radio WFL a starting with special coverage starting at six PM. The Pinellas health department says there's been an uptick in a respiratory virus that mimics the flu it's called influenza like illness or I and I and it has peaked this season. And speaking of the flu Maggie hall with the health department says we're still in the middle of flu season counties are reporting mild activities, but some nine of them have reported some moderate activity to really protect yourself. It's not too late to get the flu shot, you can still get it. So wash your hands to protect yourself from other people's terms, and of course, get your annual flu shot the state health department says as of late Bonilla's has no new cases of the flu, but Hillsborough has had mild flu activity. Good offshore drilling becoming to Florida. Dave mica. The Florida Petroleum Council says it's a whole new political landscape in Washington, Tallahassee. He hopes that translates into a chance for offshore drilling beyond state waters. We need. For creating hundreds of thousands of jobs along the Gulf Coast, and we need them for resources to make sure that we reducing continue our reduction in dependence on four countries. And we need them for the revenues that they create for our government mica says he hopes the Atlantic Ocean is included in the government's ocean energy five year plan. It's eight oh five at News Radio. WFL? A Kelly hiring services says they can tell in people's voices that they've turned more cautious about the economy. But it hasn't changed their actions. But telly hiring says more people are waiting to see if the economy slows or keeps growing as it has been doing vox news says the biggest weakness in the economy is low pay raises Merck's profits rose because of promising new cancer drugs TV g recruiting says, they eliminated the jobs of the job candidate researchers and now the account reps. Themselves will do the interviews with job candidates now because the company says others don't have enough direct contact with clients to know, what clients really want hundreds of jobs in new media companies have been lost in recent weeks, including advice and BuzzFeed and others. One reason is Google and Facebook and Amazon of taken more than half of all digital advertising. There are also signs that businesses improving at some of the older established media companies and Gannett which owns local newspapers across the country rejected. First digital media's attempted by Gannett for financial reasons involving the deal, but they also say first digital cut, so many jobs, even more than conneticutt first digital would be unfit to run the newspapers and serve and contribute to the communities where they publish for NewsRadio. WFL a I'm Joe Connolly with a Bloomberg business update..

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