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Age dot com and get the one thing it's guaranteed to get rid of your snoring you can experience zepa sleep go to zepa dot com to get that zepa sleep bump talking about zepa dot com to get a great night's sleep you so richly deserve eight six six seven to we seven some six eight six six say e s p and let's go to the phones scott caulton and tampere you lavas thevenet was up men are you i'm good but i am shocked at the way uh new york daily news article that you referenced the one entitled white hope quarterback award wife patrick breakfast macau with a watershed nfl moment in which the offer to throw we appreciate that car cassidy of sunday's face off you really after via iran however taye i read that and then it goes on to say that guy shane mack and marcus wachtel guys who have to flee more numbers of it interceptions than touchdowns and their entire nfl career and have complete ratios lo peace should be playing and find out guys like pitstop at who's got a 60 percent completion raciale many more touchdowns first of all i don't take any body would since would suggested gino smith or jamach as russel deserve to die don't go away oh i haven as he messed up in that portion i mean i read the article i'm saying i'd say i'm just saying that in general we all know that dole's with two godawful examples to use to make that argument because they don't deserve.

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