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Washington correspondent saga we got any reports a lawsuits been filed in federal court the house ways and means committee first asked for the documents and then issued a subpoena the trump administration refused to provide that so the panels now going to federal court suing the treasury department and dire rents for the returns it argues the administration simply trying to shield the president from congressional scrutiny the administration is said there is no legitimate legislative reason to seek the returns the panel says it doesn't have to explain its reasons but adds it's investigating the president's tax law compliance among other things Sager make on the Washington singer Patti LaBelle is being honored in her home town of Philadelphia with her very own street a stretch of Broad Street has been re named for the legendary soul singer the thoroughfare between locust and spruce streets will be called Patti LaBelle way lady marmalade was the bells first number one hit when she was the lead singer of lebel she also had a successful solo career with its like you are my friend and new attitude Lovell's won two Grammy awards and she's appeared on TV shows like American horror story freak show in addition to her cooking show Patti labelle's place one of TV's most well known entertainers is helping foot the bill for some new college students Steve Harvey says he's committed to covering tuition for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater Kent State University Kent state said in a release that the Stephen Marjorie Harvey foundation is work with the school to provide scholarships of about twenty three thousand dollars per student they must maintain a two point five grade point average for the funding to be renewed each semester the scholarships are in memory of Devon more against a student from Cleveland who died in twenty seventeen while playing basketball the University Center the school says the foundation also committed ten thousand dollars to ten states many empowerment network Hey radio news I'm Jackie Quinn immigration protests around the country today.

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