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At the killing was targeted but are asking the public to report any encounters with fake Roger drivers. We also would ask anybody that has been in five points. You know in in recent times that has had anybody and try to entice them over to a car like in Iraq, cheer, capacity. We would ask them to give us a call. Uber calling this unspeakable crime seeing their hearts with Samantha Joseph since family and loved ones writing that we've been working with local law enforcement and college campuses across the country to educate the public about how to avoid fake wager. Drivers. They also caution users to use the app to double trick to import details before starting a trip that driver. And the car guys have to travel together for Joseph's father and the rest of her family the warnings come too late, but they're focused on making sure this doesn't happen to another family. Some what I wanna do is educate. Everybody on the smartest person here, but I've gone through this. And I don't want anybody else to ever go through this again. I can't tell you how painful this. I'm Victor oquendo in Columbia, South Carolina. You're listening to KOMO news. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. Now, it's time for the propel insurance money update. The news Amazon is planning to build a network of more than thirty two hundred satellites in an ambitious bid to provide global internet access has caught the attention of job hunters by Friday morning. Amazon had posted some Seventy-three jobs on its website related to project Kuyper as it's been code named the great majority them in Bellevue, most of the openings are for engineers. The stock market has been grinding higher the past couple of weeks. So far this year the S and P five hundred fifteen percent while the NASDAQ composite is up twenty percent..

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