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Climate experts say global warming is responsible for intensifying some of last year's weather extremes around the world, including drought in the US NPR's. Christopher Joyce reports. Scientists meeting in Washington DC say they've connected. Several extreme weather events to the effects of global warming in two thousand seventeen and drought in the northern plains of the US was made more likely because average temperatures are higher now flooding in China a heat wave in Europe heavy rainfall in Peru, and several other examples of severe weather made the list last year was also one of the worst ever for Atlantic hurricanes. But the analysis of those events wasn't complete in. Time for the report from the American meteorological society, scientists have already linked the severity of hurricane Harvey in Texas to global warming. Christopher Joyce NPR news, snow ice and below freezing temperatures are causing problems again today in North Carolina and Virginia and parts of Georgia. Some school systems are closed for a second consecutive day due to icy roads and sidewalks North Carolina's governor ROY Cooper says the state's highway patrol responded to hundreds of accidents yesterday because of the winter like weather more than twenty inches of snow fell in western North Carolina. I'm Dave Mattingly. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Sierra Nevada brewing company, family owned operated and argued over since nineteen eighty proud supporter of independent thought whether that's online over the air or in a bottle, more at Sierra, Nevada dot com. This is WNYC. Good morning. I'm Sean Carlson with a look at our weather forecast. Sunny today, the high only reaching about forty today with the win though that will feel anywhere between twenty five and thirty five for tonight, partly cloudy, low thirty the wind making it feel between twenty and twenty five degrees. Tomorrow Wednesday sunny today, high near thirty nine wind chills between twenty five and thirty five once again looking at it Thursday, we could see some flurries just a chance of flurries on Thursday. Otherwise, partly sunny with a high near forty..

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