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PT Cruiser drove by and didn't stop. While inside videos posted a social media show, a party that would make any health official just cringe. Hundreds of young people crammed indoors. Party drinking and dancing, no social distancing almost no masks around down with When that party wrapped up, the crowd moved outside, some walking out with tanks of nitrous and appearing to take hits of gnaws from balloons. Quickly. Word began to spread about an after party in the city of Ontario. It was also promoted on social media with a DJ and supposedly strict security. Leo, with events like this that are already illegal, happening constantly with young people that are causing the caseloads to spread. There's no enforcing something like that. There's no stopping something like that. They were already breaking the law before Cove it that see I glad you I saw that video. And I hope every KBC listener watch that video because if I was the owner's in San Diego in any city, challenging the mayor, the governor I show that video to a judge. Okay, there is no enforcement mechanisms. That's why when you played earlier, the recommendations of Eric Garner said there many lists there unenforceable When you ask me the question about the sheriff and law enforcement They're not gonna block they're not going to spend resource is on arresting people that will never be prosecuted because there's what the official crime. So my point is this This virus is going to spread because people have First Amendment right to assemble. The key here is that we still practice good, social distancing. Stop punishing Businesses stop punishing law body Americans who want to enjoy the holiday season. This is all about power and control and mass why this is a detriment of having a one party state. When we come back, I'm gonna ask Leo about his other passion project overturning 85 in the state of California to the John Phillip Show on Am 7 90 K A. B. C. At the Home Depot. We improve things this holiday season. We've improved black Friday.

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