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Of course with the experience that he had. It's good at least to know what he's signing up for the old car. Yeah, listen. Different perspective than maybe the majority of us could give him. I'm sure when Tata martino speaks to him, he will speak to the fact of what it's like as a foreign manager coaching the Mexican national team and kind of navigating these heavy waters. I spoke about it not being too much of a change in 26.5 years for Diego coca 28.5. So it's two full years puerta Martin in the World Cup. You're leaving out players who are on their way out anyways. We're going to be part of this program. He would have been 43, turning 44. Court that would have been 38. Guadalajara have been like 39. So you're really not changing too much. That's why there's a slight difference there in age. But he's trying to send a message, do you think? Honestly, it's a very political message of his what he's saying because he goes out and says, listen, if you're on this list, doesn't mean you're going to stay on this list. And if you're not on this list, it doesn't mean you can't be with us. So he's very political in the way he goes about this, even when he talks about him in terms of that valuable insider knowledge. Yeah, absolutely. And we looked at this list, right? We were talking about the young ones that, of course, we haven't seen a lot an example of the name that jumps out to me as Alfonso Gonzalez. And speaking of, we kind of want to go over which names surprised us at the end of the day. You mentioned a few, but who was the biggest surprise for you? I would have to say it's Roberto de la rosa. When you look at Roberto de la rosa is a player that's

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