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As so poorly in tehran's favor here and i love that the final image of this episode is just like joffrey is dead purple face and that i believe the very first thing we are going to see in the very next episode is the exact same image if like game of thrones itself the entity that is this show knew how badly we needed to see just how badly things went for joffrey in the aftermath of the red wedding like this is like the aloe treatment that we needed for that awful burn it's just it's done so well we are it's so rare that there is like a massive loss for the bad guys on this show this really is i feel like the first time that something absolutely utterly horrible has happened to the people that we really really hate short if like jamie getting captured and losing his hand it's excellent it's so good yes so it is a tough way to go for joffrey was the strangler they call this poison i believe that's right yeah yeah okay so next time out will pick things up in the wake of the loss of joffrey anything else from this episode now that we've gone through it anything else from this episode no other than like there was spoiled meat featured in this episode we didn't make tainted meat joke so yeah bad on us x time around we'll get next time we even talking about terminus like oh my god yeah miss opportunities sorry four went out for blue sky bob yeah i have regrets i have regrets but other than that no second best episode of the show overall through thirty two episodes the line in the rose i wonder if that's a hot take i think that this is easily a top ten episode of the whole series but to have it above the reins of kasame or is that hot take i don't know but i think it's better episode and i actually think it's a better episode by a decent amount yeah i think that on the way back through i think we definitely did explore that the rains cast me or you know it's a long way to go for that red.

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