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According to the department of energy, the most expensive utility for most Americans is their electricity Bill adding to your financial misery. This allergy season has been one of the worst in years. So now is the perfect time to order a new set of h filters from filter by dot com with over six hundred sizes to choose from including custom options, you'll find the perfect fit ship free within twenty four hours with filter by dot com. They're made in America that's filter. B Y dot com. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, America's premier home purchase lender. We've created a new way to protect you from unpredictable interest rates are exclusive rate shield approval. I we lock your interest rate for up to ninety days. Then if rates go up your rate stays locked. But if rates go down your rate drops either way you win. Call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com, racial approval. Only valid on certain thirty year fixed rate loans. Call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender. Licensed states MLS number thirty thirty conditions or exclusions may apply. It's about what matters showing lucky star casino for the two thousand dollar Christmas giveaway every Saturday this summer win during holiday huntings with four hundred dollars half cash. Half star play hot seats every half hour from six to eleven PM on Saturday, December twenty nine we're giving away two hundred thousand earn entries all month long with ten times entries every Saturday December. Hundred thousand dollar Christmas. Lucky star casino.

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