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My conversation with robin young she is the founder of robin young and company so let's talk about where the idea came from I mean I know that you had this plethora of experience and branding you knew you wanted to be an entrepreneur but what made you go this is that robin young and co yeah it's so funny because when I first started I didn't have much direction because I had I had worked in all of these different facets right so of course you know me I'm like okay we're gonna be a full service like from the get go we're going to social media and contents or Jim Branning web design the whole gamut right on so the funny part was is that it wasn't until I got more clear on my own brands on that vision and war who was I speaking this year what was really important to me that I started to be successful in my business so I'm sorry I really kind of took a step back after a couple months you know just in the in the you know mouse wheel and not really getting anywhere with it and I took a step back and said what's really important to me and what's the niche that I can carve out for myself that I really love and I really do well on it so I die teams you okay I've worked with so many start ups who you know you have to you have basically graphic designers who expecting you to come to the table with that brand strategy you have strategists to maybe to help you with the strategy part but they don't do design and then you have these major ad agencies are going to charge you you know fifteen grounds for you to get a full suite of designs with the brand strategy so I saw this need for the smaller businesses to find somebody who could not only help them with the strategy part but really connect that to that we'd have to science and and how to take that stretching communicate it in a way that's really a viable and connects to their customers so once I figure that out and I got really clear on that packaging and big in and how it was going to take that business and really make it work for a single one that's when things started to happen yes there were a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck in the beginning is is making money to stay afloat and coming up with the capital to start and grow and in your case you abruptly left your job and you know you are you just swing in and in the beginning so how did you come up with the capital in order to start and grow your business so thankfully I was smart and I I had tried this before and you know it's like years ago I had tried to you when I was when I was a stylist I was trying to make that work and I didn't I had like I'm good I've got you know a couple Hey and that and the bank account like I've got this and that money quickly ran out and all this and I had to start you know what you're saying and all that to make it work this time I was much smarter I had about three months worth of salary saved up and and and you know also my husband was there to kind of support anywhere where we had those twelve months because it is a little bit of fast right but I'm happy to say that I didn't I didn't have to raise new capital I hate you know I really grew on me and now all part of what I like teaching you know my other the other on founders that I work with other start up founders is how to really grow your brand in a lean way to make it makes sense for you yes so can you give us some examples of how you grew and a lean way that maybe are entrepreneurs can adopt for themselves yeah so I'm for starters I and I'm still a team of one but I work with freelancers the nice part about that is I think I think you know employees are kind of race at the beginning and I didn't want to have you you know being in a tough spot and might have to let them go if we had a bad month so I really worked out my pricing in a way and and sort of the way that I work with my freelancers that it not only made sense for me and my company but it really made sense for them so they were still able to do other work and what not but they would team up with me and I would bring the strategy is and that would create a really robust you know offering to my clients but it didn't it didn't force me to have to bring these people on its employees so now I'm in a position where in the future I'm gonna be able to bring in a an in house team but I was really lacking in the beginning and not have to do that in order to make my business and it's really hard to understand what your business model is because some business models required to raise money Tom do not because you can have a cash flow pretty quickly you know some require you to hire you know pretty robust team some do not when you're in more service based on often you don't have to you can you know use freelancers at least in the beginning so really knowing your business model and what it requires is really helpful who and is there anything else you wanted to add about the yeah so the other part of it I think was like I was saying carving out that niche so if I had started saying okay we're gonna do social media content strategy we're gonna do all these he says there would have been no waited to make that work because I was constantly spending time sending out you know an individualized proposals every client and it just wasn't it didn't make sense and it wasn't a scalable model either so I was like you know what that's it this is this is what it is we have two packages we still have just these two packages of strategy and then strategy with design and everybody that comes in does basically the same thing but we're very we're very clear about our pricing like there's that whole transparency we put the pricing on our website were very like open about it and a lot of people come to me and said in our house working for you do you really feel like this is the best way to go about it I'm like listen I I have nothing to hide here like this is we're very competitive with our pricing but like we figured out a way to make it work and it works for our clients so yeah I think a lot of people are scared to do that we are scared on what they're going to miss out on but that's really kind of the wrong way of looking at it because instead you're attracting the right clients that you're going to serve bass and as you alluded to eliminating all the extra work and having to you know do individual proposals and that kind of a thing yeah the back and forth was telling me I was just there's there was no way unless I hired I mean is it just you that aspect there was going to be no way to make that work for me so I knew it was taking a rest but again I think the part of what being a an option or is about you and I want to take that risk yeah so how would you say that you differentiate yourself from the competition yeah so I I think what I was saying about that combination between strategy and design so we're not just coming to you saying okay well what are the characteristics that you want to portray that creates really inconsistent very flat surface level brands we really dive deep ends you want makes you a company and like white what do you do you know what's the bigger vision that you have here and how come we position you are in a unique way from your competition so it's that combination I have really robust smart strategy with really awful beautiful design that I think makes us different what direction you think branding is going when you think the future for ending is yeah I think it's more than shots putting this really great find out like your you know your website which is basically become like your store fronts and it's more than just that now now it's about branded content and I'm really lucky and I I really grew up in the air so I our reading kind of understand it but I think it's about and you know again creating this really really smart I'm really thought full place in which you're building from that connects with your user so branding is no longer about the stuff that you sell it's about the lifestyle it's about an experienced people want something they can rally behind and we as consumers ask ourselves what does buying this state about so we are connecting with brands you know so so as a as a company you now have an obligation to really look at the bigger picture and ask yourself what's my customer experience and what's the lifestyle I'm selling here and because I think that's going to trickle into that cons well thank you so much for sharing your journey in expertise with us really appreciate it thanks so much for him absolutely I'm Alex morally and this is business rockstars trade pro what do you specialize in service or new construction Ferguson knows first hand how much work goes into.

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