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With me his frustration over this. My commitment to secretary Buttigieg is the same as my commitment to the citizens of this community. We're going to continue with the environmental remediation. We've got air monitoring. Water monitoring set up. We have long-term plans for monitoring. President Biden says the past patterns of railroads resisting, safety regulations must change, and that Congress should support the effort to improve safety. The child welfare system rarely offers parents the same rights as the criminal justice system that comes in a recent investigation by ProPublica. Government workers frequently accuse parents of wrongdoing, they can go into your home and do searches and interrogate people. They can also use whatever they find against the parent in court. Eli hey, guru is the ProPublica reporter who dug up and dug into this story. He tells WTO that government workers searches rarely uncover harm done by parents. In the majority of cases that are initiated, they don't find evidence of anything. They're usually calls to a hotline in which a teacher noticed a scratch on a child's arm or other allegations like that that go to be investigated and can lead to real consequences even though there was no significant underlying harm. ProPublica reported that mostly low income families are the ones being caught up in the system. The war in Afghanistan was the longest conflict in American history from 2001 to 2021, signature theater explores the consequences in the place selling Kabul. I don't know that I've ever read a play that reads so much like a suspense thriller. You're on the edge of your seat the whole time. Alice does the reef plays the sister of an Afghan translator hiding from the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan waiting for a Visa to come to America in 2013. It's certain 2013, but it's incredibly apropos. This could be set now. There's still so many people who are eligible for the SIV Visa, but there's like an 18,000 person backlog. The role is special for Zarif in Afghan native born in Kabul. I was so excited to see that this place being done and the DMV area because this is actually the second highest Afghan Diaspora in the country. Jason finally

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