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My day so people that I can relate to their situation because I think it undermines the experience that they may be having which is their own unique and very personal experience but in this instance I feel as though I can relate to what it feels like to have your world suddenly stop so while we may have found ourselves in similar situations albeit for very different reasons and circumstances I still believe that some of the emotional struggles are very much the same and so I do have empathy for what it feels like to suddenly be told you can't go back to work or that you might lose your job and this situation is you have absolutely no control over okay first of all you you peta filed dope you're telling me you didn't have control over your own sexual feelings when he decided to hit on the pads give me a break how does he have the balls to even say something like that publicly let alone privately many of these people by the way probably all of them that are struggling financially because of this pandemic this wasn't their choice it wasn't because of their behavior it wasn't because of something they did it you sexually assaulted children it's the reason why nobody in Hollywood wants to go anywhere near you what's next Kevin do you want to compare Harvey Weinstein two people in this crowded bars pandemic should we ship what do you want Kevin you want sympathy you **** EW belong behind bars you're a child molester that's what your cabin yeah also happen to be an Oscar worthy actor your a pet a file and you want to employ you want to show empathy what you show empathy empathy for the children you touched under underneath their clothing what you feel empathy for them why don't you feel empathy for your former massage therapist who you tried to have sex with what you feel empathy for all the children thank god knows how many other children you will lasted in your life but you want people to feel empathy for you and you want to make an analogy to what you've gone through and not being able to work because nobody wants to go anywhere near you because you're disgusting child molester you want to compare that to those and by the way Kevin Spacey has boatloads of money boatloads of body he is set for generation and generation over all the money he has made in his acting career don't you care compare your situation to the businesses those business owners those people that lost their jobs I don't care where they work at could be casino dealers could be a a waiter or waitress anybody don't you dare compare your situation to what these poor people are going through throughout the country how disgusting is Kevin Spacey as a human being not just for what he's done to these kids which by the way I believe all of them not just for that but now he found it in himself he had this wonderful idea you know what let me get back in the public eye you know how can I get back in the public eye you know I could really empathize with all these people lose their jobs she's the same way because I was touching I've got a I've got a great idea I'm gonna take my perversions my self inflicted results that have destroyed my extremely successful career that ruin my reputation with the entire world due to my perversions and I'm gonna relate those two the thing is that the majority of the cut not through with the envy of the world basically is going to right now that outside of maybe a couple of sciences in China the Chinese government was not their fault I got an idea none of this is self inflicted we didn't ask for this we didn't realize we did we didn't make any crazy decisions like like trying to touch a fifteen year old boy to get in this situation it's not even remotely the same comedy I got an idea I got into a career idea for Kevin Spacey ready for this here's what I think if there are any directors or agents out there listening I have a role that I think Kevin Spacey supply forced Kevin Spacey to game three hundred pounds have them play Harvey Weinstein and then when the movie's over let him die of a heart attack I think that's what we should do what you think about that I think that would be really well I think it will like it it's not a terrible idea okay three hundred they're both bald basically bald false sexual Salters yet right well it will have no issue actually acting yeah it's our necks who is a human being yeah Kevin if you want to get back to work stuff your face with about ten thousand cards every day get really really fat look like Harvey Weinstein which you have to really badly you don't need the Walker you can use the same steps that you use for Kaiser so say I think it is usual suspects hop the fact that he's a great actor I think he would play Harvey Weinstein very well because he's very good at playing the part of a man who sexually assaults people in this case would have to be boys not women in Hollywood and then forced him not to lose the weight and let him die of heart disease for all I care because any anybody who molest children in my opinion should not be alive so that's why if you're a director right now throw that pitch to Kevin Spacey you might want to leave out the death part and he didn't he didn't just small molest children on his own he also used those underground organizations like Bryan singer who was the first ever spider man director was a part of and then there's there's kind of a Hollywood cold if you will that had this particular home where they would have these boys go to this home in river river has the Kevin Spacey was actively involved in that it was it was basically trafficking of young boys throughout the industry that having had all these having all the sexual deviance you know basically use them for their own personal satisfaction can you imagine if you're a professional masseuse in Hollywood and you have to private clients and and you know you're straight man doesn't really matter if you're gay or straight but when it comes to sexual assault but just hypothetically speaking you walk in the Kevin Spacey home very famous actor but your professional you're just doing your job you're given the minimum size and all of a sudden Kevin Spacey takes off his towel and starts fondling you I mean what do you do do you beat the crap out of them I I don't know like how do you react to that you call the police what do you do in that situation you have a very powerful guy a celebrity who I don't know where and that's part of his masseuse has died recently sadly but is misused their energy that so that's exactly what happened of course you're honored you know to be able to be the same press to someone like that not knowing what his actual intentions are so I it that that is a tough situation if it was me I would probably resort to violence or my me never to give him a son what would you think you would deprive reminded everybody that the size yard under those circumstances I mean this guy's so you're telling me that he's groping me want me everyone was so shocked to say the least I would I would grab you I would not know but hypothetically that Kevin Spacey is is groping me while I'm giving him a massage what I don't know that that's a that that's a tough situation I wish all my dates would go that way I'm not yeah that's a horrible joke but no in all seriousness of that self inflict if somebody did that to me at first of all I I I I call me you can call me homophobic if you like I'm not I just would prefer not to get a massage from a man I don't want a man touching me all over my **** that's just be personal preference that's number one and number two but if you're the masseuse though giving him a massage I wouldn't I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it either and it he tries to sexually you know fondle you how would you react I said I would probably most likely resort to violence because it would be such a weird thing either either that or call the police one of one of the other that it's tough to prove something like that but I would probably threaten to call the police and or I would expect him to open up his pocketbook and pay a lot of money to keep my mouth shut one of the other but either way I would do it you extort him if I have to yeah okay I absolutely would with the man's got a lot of money you know absolutely you know the only reason that spacey's probly not injured in prison right now is that the charges were dropped in Massachusetts because the accuser took the fifth on the stand right and I think a couple of others accusers I died actually passed away I find that I find that extremely odd don't many many accusations including like you said fourteen year old Anthony Rapp back in the day out just just run the jail cell Kevin Spacey just just go away or play Harvey Weinstein and then die of heart disease for all I care just go ahead and watch any Kevin Spacey movies again the you see before out sense all this and I haven't seen seven in over a decade but it was on I think it was on HBO last night so it's a great movie by the way that is that is a wonderful movie I do have a Kevin Spacey autographed eight by ten photo I think the only reason why he signed it and sent it over to me is because I was a little mailed kid that service officers I was a twelve year old boy that's Rachael's alors actually a very very good chance of that I was a twelve eighty four I was a twelve but they got it and sent my picture would have me over for drink most likely yeah your sexual deviant Brian that is true I have a sexual deviants but as a twelve year old boy how different kind as a twelve year old boy as a forty year old man I don't I you know I've actually I've watched usual suspects I've watched seven I've watched American beauty and I watch house of cards since this happened you're so I'm still a Kevin Spacey fan as an actor I I I admit that he's a very very good actor it was to us I love her producer by the way is cracking up when we get a call or calling me a sexual deviant and any he decides to throw that in there I think that I think your sexual deviant Brian I am by the way she's right I am yeah that's true for more time to show I would be a very very happy guy Kevin Spacey die of heart disease just go away all right we're gonna take a quick break and when we come back time for some hate mail if that what if you can't feel like that if you like hate a time for a little bit of hate mail coming up next it is the biggest take we'll take a quick break be back right after this with the hate mail on one a one point five FM seven twenty AM Kate on geico presents again another voice mail from your roommate a man.

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