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Zeus when all the other olympians wanted to bind him and to be bound slatkin points out is the doom of god and the'd is does nothing short of saving the cosmos and maintaining cosmic equilibrium by preventing zeus from going down like zeus zone father krona's though that's kind of funny to suggest that you would be saving the cosmos by saving zeus because like what good is zeus zeus is just trash yet but it but he's the trash we know right you can imagine a situation it was like oh man these gods gods are crazy but at least we kinda have worked out in what they're they're mad passions are we don't need another revolution so that the other olympians will rule the roost i mean zeus mostly just does bad stuff yeah but it's true it's true well there's something it's like it's almost like we make excuses for him as this like bad tempered criminal violent male deity were were just like oh boys will be boys what a rask all are we still talking about mythology talking about current events no no no i think that well i think there's something to be said about that and that'll tie into today's episode so fetus were also told in the the writings of the greek poet pindar was destined to bertha son more mighty than his father and that's why her original suitors zeus and poseidon both abandoned her love and forced her against her will to marry a mortal instead so think of that there's tremendous power in theaters like she was faded to birth this this child greater than its father so if she had born the son of zeus or poseidon that would have been a rival to the king of the gods right but the king of the gods if the king of the gods has a son who's two powerful he asked to fear he will be thrown right so maker mary immortal so at least her mighty son will be mighty in more or less the mortal realm and certainly kelly's is mortal that's kind of the.

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