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Is the phone number kathy requested uh tom paul glaser with put another log on the fire maybe because of the weather because it's so chilly wanna put some logs on the fire his log it up i don't know all right we're back how you doing everybody nick gilio here on seven twenty wgn we have yet another a x what the hell in fact on added with only done so because my screen went out for his eye we know because you come in here almost all the time every time you start reckoned the joint yeah i just start busted winger nine hour match install chuck norris style gear well vic would know anything about those numbers right he never seen them uh stood liar he is just that near eaten rice out of his belt so we're back lower wicket over just like you what a hell while that's not of they shouldn't be surprised uh these true yeah so we're in the middle of another aggravating snl quiz where i'm an snl expert asking a questions of people are not snl experts and we went through the 70s the first set of questions were from the decade of the 70s and as mailed in dan both enough it so now go to the 80s now you guys were born in the 80s but the early '80s so you would still be like a kid for the '80s you know decade yes so is how that works um okay so let's see let's see looks limitless try this and see what we got okay um dan are you ready yes okay this is not multiplechoice with great but court here at a loss it's always bud court cooked i don't even know of bogota's ever hosted as i think he has hosted mesnell click answering see on the right right it has been to see you're gonna go twenty six at least that's how i did mazy t by the way that they get your 23rd all fees all seas what celebrity host low known for losing his temper punched church lady in the face when she made one too many comments about his wife.

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