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Today is mlk. Day and folks in michigan are not letting the pandemic stop observances honoring the legacy of martin. Luther king junior elaine hardy with the martin luther king junior commission of in michigan says in the wake of global outrage against racism. Dr king's message of equality injustice is more important than ever. She knows that while king was a peaceful civil rights leader. He didn't sit quietly on the sidelines. Really was an agitator and he understood that he needed to remind america of the promise that she wants to all people but how that promise was deny for poor people and black people and he did so very forcefully and with some very plain language around the state annual events including performances lectures will be held virtually while others including volunteer. Projects will be socially distanced. Hardy says the commission's honored to be hosting king's daughter. Dr bernice king during its day celebration. Which will be broadcast on. W. i l. x. tv ten in lansing and on social media at seven pm mary sherman reporting in the spirit of martin luther king junior's messages of equality and justice indiana's legal community is offering free legal counsel today to those in need kelsey kotnik with the indiana state bar association. There's so many hoosiers who are needing help because of the pandemic has just made everything worse for so many people and the entire indian illegal system has kind of come together to make sure that hoosiers can get the legal help that they need. But there's such a demand. The indiana bar has hosted. Its talk to a lawyer today. Program for nearly twenty years. As an annual tribute to dr king meantime anne maryland justice project and his partners are urging the general assembly to override. Governor larry hogan's veto of a bill to revive what they say is a desperately needed pre. Release program tell women transitioning out of prison despite having more than eight hundred women in prison. The state has nine pre release units for men but none for women. According to monica cooper of the maryland justice project the state faces a budget shortfall because of covid nineteen but cooper says lawmakers recognize the urgency in helping women get jobs in housing after their release. She is confident. The override will pass and notes. The original bill was approved with a one hundred two four to twenty seven vote. We already won this fight. We don't have to redo this battle. The only thing we have to do is get those people to say yes again. They said yes before and we need them to say yes again. And that's it's cooper sensor group spearheaded the gender responsive pre-release act in two thousand. Sixteen governor hogan cited covid nineteen budget constraints when he vetoed the bill in may. The general assembly is expected to vote on an override. This week. i'm diane bernard this is p. Ns the nevada coalition against the death penalty is urging state lawmakers there to use their twenty twenty one session to end state level executions and members of the. Us house say saito act to end the federal death penalty after three federal executions last week. All in indiana of lisa montgomery cory johnson and dustin hicks nevada's still allows capital punishment but hasn't carried out executions since two thousand six father chuck toronto of saint thomas aquinas cathedral in reno calls the practice quote barbaric and says it waste government resources. He has rarely doesn't execution truly provide closure for a victim's family we stand opposed to the death penalty for many many reasons of dignity of human life being the most obvious primarily but the racial inequity the economic inequity geographic inequity in the weeks leading up to their executions cory johnson in dustin hague's both tested positive for covid nineteen and they weren't the only ones prisons across the country have been epicenters for the virus with incarcerated people unable to take many key safety precautions for public service. I'm really bulky nebraska. Lawmakers are considering a bill that aims to provide some relief for meat supply chains by allowing consumers to purchase smaller ownership shares of livestock and zony with the oakland meat processing plant says legislative bill. Three twenty four would help more nebraska's who have struggled to find meet at grocery stores during the coronavirus pandemic access food from trusted local sources. The people that aren't able to purchase a seven hundred dollar quarter being able to just get that piece of what they need whether it be the rose. A couple of steaks some hamburger. This is gonna get you to your local farmers freezer. Lv three twenty four is similar to steps taken by iowa. Kansas missouri oregon wyoming to increase local neat processor capacity. I'm eric gladys. finally mike. Mohan tells us minnesota struggling to meet emission reductions goals set worn a decade ago but the author of a new report issued today suggest a tool that could provide a boost. That should be getting more attention. The nature conservancies finding say practices such as expanding forests while protecting prairies and wetlands across minnesota would reduce carbon emissions by up to twenty six million metric tons year. The group saatchi graber says the very resources. They're trying to protect can do much of the work themselves. For example she cites tree-planting in rural areas. They breathe in carbon dioxide in breed out the opposite of people right as the tree grows but storing carbon in its trunk. The author said another key. Theme is more climate-friendly practices in agriculture to reduce harmful runoff in store carbon in the ground. This is mike clifford and thank you for starting your week. We public service. We are member and lister supported and online at public news service dot. Org from the hotline newsfeed weather center today mostly cloudy skies with a forty percent chance of snow in the afternoon high in That east low forties tonight mostly cloudy skies with a fifty percent chance of snow accumulation around an inch. Bill around twenty five. They will be partly sunny skies on tuesday becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon high in the low thirties. That's the latest weather checkouts more news and weather on our website at heart and newsfeed. Donald trump sound sportstalk blood. This is my turn is my usual time slot once again rick tuttle. We call titillating sports. Get it got good. I am the pomace one so come on in. And let's talk some sports here on a monday morning in san francisco. California were dominik. Commended says he's on the other side of where i'm sitting of cisco bay in our studios there and north beach in downtown sf. I'm on the other side here.

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