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On back on those roadways. We've got traffic and weather together and it's brought to you by this Subaru retailers have New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Laurie. All right, definitely heavier. Now. 93 North out approaching the split in Braintree. Now we did have that disabled vehicle. It was in the center lane 93 north right by 1, 38 and Canton that has now cleared And the volume there is a little bit better for us if you're traveling on the expressway north and you know it's heavy Freeport Street to South Hampton Street and just about a half an hour they're gonna reopen Memorial Drive Eastern westbound closed off now between Western Avenue in the Fresh Pond Parkway. All right, Let's check out 93 now see how that's rolling along with Krista Neck in the Mob free insurance copter. Well, it looks pretty good. Here. Lori and 93 South out out of southern New Hampshire about 18 minutes from the state line down to 1 28 other 12 minutes will get you into town. Just keep in mind that if you are jumping off on the lever down ramp, I could see that wall of brake lights up ahead. That's waiting for you there. If you're stating on the lower deck, that's better Christian act of offering insurance. Proctor Yeah, and the Tobin is looking good as well as the airport tunnels. If your plans include heading to or from Logan this morning, Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three and now the WBC four day AccuWeather forecast is we check in live with WBC. AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel. We have mostly cloudy skies across the area. There is a storm system heading our way. What the cool for that will cross the area late today, But we'll be on the mild side of that will have a strengthening south to Southwest wind, and that will help push temperatures well into the forties, if not close to 50 degrees this afternoon. I can't rule out a rain shower this afternoon, but that's it with this latest front will dry out tonight with a low of 33 cold but dry tomorrow at such sunny day expected, but it will be windy with a high of 36 sunny Wednesday as well, then increasing clouds Thursday ahead of the storm. That'll bring wet weather is we had into 2021. On Mackey Weathers. Dave Samuel WBZ Boston's news radio 34 degrees Right now we have partly cloudy skies in Boston. It is 6 25 on WBC news radio and now a check on New England business, a mammoth real estate transaction in Cambridge over the past week. Boston Business Journal Reporting that gas it horizons, acquiring a building at Harvard Square for $45 million. They're planning for upgrades to the historic building University Common had owned the property for the past 50 years. It was originally a Harvard graduate student dorm now as retail tenants, many of whom plan on leaving Over the next few years. We'll also a sign of changing real estate trends, possibly for Boston, as we are now the 11th largest metro area in the country that's actually dropping a spot Phoenix outpacing us now in terms of population. The latest ranks from the census has the Phoenix metro area at just under five million people putting the right behind Atlanta. Now ahead of Boston. Phoenix is the third largest growth region in the country. And with more people leaving California due to the pandemic and other tax related issues, Arizona is becoming a likely destination. At 6 26 haven't got that package yet. Well, you're still likely to be waiting the historic levels of online purchases around the holiday season. Many out there still complaining of delays Ship Matrix software. They help business track shipments and said they were likely to be one million holiday orders that did not make it to their destination. On time before Christmas. Many of those packages could still be out there. Until after New Year's and futures this morning are higher on the news that President Trump will, in fact be signing the stimulus legislation that was passed on Capitol Hill, ending uncertainty that was looming over everything in Washington as we're about to head into the new year. Could have a positive outcome to start the week of trading on Wall Street. Moving on at 6 27. There's a new take on waste not want. Not this season. CBS is Debra Rodriguez has that story. Considering ways to get rid of this year's Christmas tree about some Douglas fir pesto, a chef in London has been cooking up non wasteful disposal solutions. Julia George Alice, author of How To Eat.

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