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Disagree disagree and especially on the deeper dive today at think mr ebert didn't i think he didn't see below the surface he does not love romantic comedies that were not made by woody allen one time i went to like the great movie section of the birzeit uhhuh i was like i'm going to read his great movie reviews of of nor afrin movies and i was like i was like at least when harry met sally will be there sure no none of the of the nor ephron movies ron there and the romantic comedies where sensually just a couple of allen right people don't take them seriously yeah i think i had a long not this past max fun con but a different one in the late night hodgman cabin hang out we had a big romantic comedy conversation with a bunch of comedians and stuff what is your favorite arm calm i don't know i mean part of me obviously when harry met sally is one of the best ever but then i don't know things like did you ever see movie called happy accidents with marisa tomei and vincent off rio no i remember that like i don't know if you qualify that as a romantic comedy because it was but it had this kind of weird sci fi element yeah i would or would not what okay and then like what was it really sweet indie not too long ago with the brother who the two brothers who make the all the movies now do plus but the one about the little time travel machine what was that called.

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