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Chrysler Jeep Kings island reviewing security measures after a fight that forced the park to close early Saturday night, there'd been issues earlier in the day with several small fights breaking out that have boiled over just before 10. One large five forced the park to shut down about a half hour. Early statement from King's Island, says the decision was made due to unruly behavior and altercations that involved a number of teenagers. Altercations were told spilled out into the parking lot, though Mason police say they have made no arrests. DHL feeling the workers shortage in the tri state? They're planning a job fair this week Cargo company holding an open house Wednesday If their recruitment center on Comair Boulevard it's in Erlanger raising starting pay at the hub it CVG to between 17 and $21 an hour More signs life Returning normal across the U. S is covered cases come down. We're seeing the return of more fans to professional baseball and basketball games, and this week Indianapolis is proceeding with race week. As if there is no pandemic crowd of more than 100,000 be watching the Indy 500. The field is set for the 100 Fif running of the Indianapolis 500. Approximately 135,000 fans will attend this year's race last year. The Indianapolis 500 was running August instead of May because of the pandemic. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which holds over 300,000 fans was empty when race winner to CU Masada when his second Indianapolis 540 year old Scott Dixon, sets on the pole for next Sunday's race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a speed of just over 231.6 miles an hour. George Montgomery, ABC SPORTS Indianapolis Reds have today off after a rough home stand. Yesterday's lost The Brewers means they lost six of seven in the past week more in sports was saying and 7 40 temperatures stay warm in the tristate forecasters next 700 w W News time 7 35 plays like a cowboy plays in the town like a couple of time. In the way like the cowboy way. Have a gavel I can today here when you're all that whole.

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