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Your friends more than anything on your family should value. So send them a frigging and get them to value us. This is a boundary issue. This is owning the fact of this is a business for you. Now, I have a ton of women who've come to me and said, oh, gee, I can't make money online starting my coaching business. And I'll say our people reaching out to you. And they'll say, yeah, there's about four or five girls that constantly reach out to me. It always ask questions and. I will say are they clients? And they'll say yes, have you pitched them yet? Have you asked for the sale known and on way too nervous? I don't know. I don't want to send her link or anything that would be weird. And I think it's more weird that she's been abusing your time and not realizing that this is what you do. Is your profession? And so it's like now if my friends were deemed me marketing tips, I mean, they know this is what I do. And again, I know this is the eight the challenger coming out in me kind of sound like I'm pissed, but it's really trying to drill home that you guys need to own what you do and don't be afraid to sewn the DM and to really awesome tips write this down coordinate us. This was a game changer for me and selling my masterminds without any sales calls. So if you're at this level and can do this video message on Instagram because Instagram? Voice message it. I wish it did. It'd be so awesome. And invoice message on Facebook. And this was a way to add a little level of intimacy in the response. So I didn't look like a robot. An example of this to add this level of intimacy and to close the sale is Susan rights. You and says, hey, I want to maybe if your program, I don't know. I like what you're doing. I think you can help me she shows interest Yusen back of fifteen second video message on Instagram. Maybe two of them whatever keep it short. And sweet or a quick voice. Message up to one minute on Facebook. And it sounds like this. Hey, Susan so excited you reached out. I'd love to hear more about you. And your goals. Let's set up a call. Let's see this would be a great fit. And I'm so excited. You reached out? I'm really honored. And I would love to coach you through this. If this is a good fit done, and that fifteen seconds, you girls freak out always done this to be a good human and show that I care, and I want to I want them to hear my voice. And I think this goes back to the dating days where when I was Dave. A lot. I would never go on the blind date with a guy unless I heard his voice. I because I just like wanted to know he was real and wasn't a bought it people want to know, your real humid before they send you money on the internet. Right. It's this. I would never go on the date unless I heard his voice on the phone text me because I didn't know there were on all these apps like Madge, Tinder, I didn't know if he was real it's the same thing. It's a sale, right? That's a sale..

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