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The fighting Irish postgame show coming up. We'll have a full recap of today's game, including highlights, stats and a final look at the national scoreboard. Now let's go back to Jack Nolan inside the Notre Dame that work studio. I am Jack's Colon. Back in our Notre Dame Football Radio network studio on the West side of Notre Dame Stadium. Ryan Harris, back at his own stopping grounds in Pittsburgh finds field He's joining me now from the broadcast booth there and Ryan What a fun afternoon for the Irish. What a dominant afternoon for the Irish and I think coming off of last week's Louisville game, or a lot of people were concerned about how the offense play. Iris fans hope Notre Dame would play this way today, but I'm not sure they expected this kind of a dominant performance. Well, and not only was it a dominant performance. It was a total team performance to the point where you know people at home, listening or driving, could not see what we saw. It was. It was joy for the for the teammate. When Ben Saronic scored his touchdowns, the entire team is congratulating him. Kyron Williams. Runs it and see Beau Flynn. Mr Runs it in and everybody picks him up and he celebrates with everyone. This team is playing together and I could tell you Jack from being on a championship team. That's the kind of team you need to have to win against anyone anywhere anytime. No. A lot was made of the Pittsburgh defense coming into the game as the number one rushing defense in the country. Maybe not enough. Made about The Notre Dame defense. They came in allowing the fifth lowest total of points per game in the country, and they're going to increase that stat after this performance, but You know, there's a lot of things in sports that are called cliches and a lot of times the cliches because they're true. You win championships with defense and this team has been outstanding. Defensively the entire season and they were absolutely crushingly dominant today. Yes, Jack and I want no. Two infants Stop talking about it because Clark Lee is going to be a head coach. Then next year, so we got. I don't know it's the Pittsburgh defence is great, because I'll tell you something. What Clark Lee does and I saw during the game. Troy Pride tweeted. You know, Clark Lee has to be a head coach. Sometime. He has great culture. He inspires his players, and he has great leadership and to hear that, from an NFL player who was here just a year ago is everything you need to know about Clark Lee. He's willing to adjust. When I arrive, talked with him. He's asked me questions about defense and he's just a real relatable person asked one time, So you know what? What's the difference with your defense? And he says, I'm a teacher, as he said great coaches or teachers. Try and teach my guys why I want them to do things so that they understand and can play with speed. And I'll tell you the thing about nor names defense. It goes all the way back to recruiting. I mean, they've got fantastic, secondary. Kyle, come towel, Hamilton. I'm still tell people might win the Heisman. As a defense of player you get you get guys like Nick Macleod in and then Clarence Lewis, who's Who's a freshman. This year, Nick McCloud's a Transfer out of NC State and then old by the way, you get coach Taylor Hayes back and over you go Fu and Logan Deja was continually impressing me with how hard he works and gets after the quarterback And then there's Drew White. Shane Simon. Jeremiah Rossa. Carmen, You have talent everywhere. I'm not talking about just Talent that anybody would want to recruit. I'm talking about you. Might you have the best linebacker best safety in the entire college football landscape, and you probably got one of the top defensive ends as well. You know, when you talk about Clark Lee. He's also a great motivator. He's very personable. He's very supportive. He has empathy and I can even relay a personal situation. It kind of blew me away. As you know, I came up with the brilliant idea about a year ago. That I could play basketball to get into better shape and I tore my Achilles tendon. So I show up at a spring football practice. This is a year ago, and Clark comes over to me to ask me what happened. And then he literally gave me a pep talk. I say I was stupid. I tried. You know what's stupid he goes. You've got to try things you have to keep competing. You have to push yourself. You're gonna be fine. This is tough now, but you're going to be fine. I'm proud of you. For trying to go back to your athletic roots. I'm proud of you for trying that you should never feel that you made a mistake. Just put that same effort in to re having and you're going to be fine now I knew Clark casually. I'd probably interviewed in five or six times would exchange a small talk When I was allowed into the football bubble to go to practice. It's much smaller this year, so I want to go to the ones in the stadium. But that's the kind of guy he is. And that's why you didn't have to do that. This is a press conference. He came over to me in the auditorium to see what had happened, how I was doing. And I'll tell you what really raised my spirits because I mean, you've been injured there. Ah, worse injury in terms of your mobility that you can have them tearing Achilles and made a big difference. So that's the kind of guy he is. I agree with you. You want him around here as long as he will stay Well in great leaders do an excellent job of telling people I am here for you. And what he did right there is he saw you and he spoke to you like a person. Hey, everybody, Everybody get injured. You know, I'm proud of you for giving that effort. And imagine now being one of the kids that he first stood in your living room with your parents and drink sodas and whatnot. And then now you're here and something goes wrong, he says. Hey, don't worry about that. That's what you're supposed to do. I mean, that kind of encouragement. We could all name probably three people in our lives who encourage us in such a way, and we remember them because many of those three people are probably 5 10 years apart. It's so rare that you get some of that encourages you. And cares about what you think and how you understand things. And that's what Notre Dame hasn't Clark Lee and we've got to stop talking about it so we could stay here. Well in this day and age, Ryan where I think you'll.

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