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Three eight five two four eight six six eight three three eight five two four Tom the. The cult of personality continues. The interesting thing about George Conway is that he is obviously the interesting thing for everybody is that his wife works in the White House, Kellyanne she helped get the president elected. In fact, he after the president was elected. George Conway new the president's track record, news personality. After he was elected. He said, look, my wife did an amazing thing. She basically got this guy elected. She studied that boat. And as for Trump himself. Conway said my view is he was the lesser evil compared to Clinton. And asked if he still felt that way and the podcast he replied, I don't know. I don't know. Faced with the choice. Again. I'd probably move to Australia. That's funny. The June of last year, George Conway said Kellyanne I-, Kellyanne, and I continue to support the president and this administration and I look forward to doing. So in whatever way I can from outside of the government. Now, he was up for a the Justice department role. Okay. Conway revealed in this podcast that I'm playing sections from here. For those of you just joining us. This was the where he called. He said the president was a personality cult. Now, I'm gonna ask a crass political question. Which is you remain a consumer conservative rock whip conservative. You're a Republican ONA. You're not have you ever. Yeah. That was yes. That's been publicly reward. Okay. In march. In march. From why was it public or work because you said it that's what they call them. He wants to know why why did you because I don't feel comfortable being a Republican anymore. I think the Republican party has become something of a personality cult, okay personality cult. He says he called it a blank show and a dumpster fire. The he's trying to be hit with that kind of dumpster fire. This kind of dumped I never liked those terms they're like, they're juvenile terms. But he's trying to talk like he's done a podcast, right? He. Was up for a job with the Justice department? And that's what he's talking about. When he says this, and this is what I where I promise you. I would pull apart this quote of his, and it's really an amazing quote, and it reveals a lot. So here we go George Conway talking about the fact that he was. Considered. I don't know what the exact post is. But he was considered for a job within the administration, and it was probably in the department of Justice civil division. Right. That in the early days. He was offered a top job. Okay. He was offered a top job at the Justice department as the chief of the civil division posted would have put him in charge of defending his administration and lawsuits throughout the country. Okay. So like kind of like the White House counsel, I guess, but in the in within the Justice department, but here is George Conway saying that he had second thoughts while he was filling out the paperwork. He said I was filling out the forms and everything like that. And then this kind of stuff happened watching this name. You know, it's like the administration is like a dumpster fire like do that. I don't know. So I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna do that. Because it's it's like he's basically saying it's it's chaos over there people. There's a lot of things go on. And I don't wanna be a part of that. Right. Okay. Go on George Conway the Komi firing. And then you got go on. I have rush on my mind. Okay. Biggest fake news story. So far of the Trump administration, and I have gone over this on this show for those of you who haven't heard me, I will go over it again. The Lester Holt interview, which was posted from CDs shining sea and everyone said the president finally admitted he fired Komi because of the Russia investigation. And that is why it's obstruction of Justice. It's the thing they were looking for from the very beginning. And when people heard him say that, oh, no, George Conway pulled his hair out and said, I can't believe this. I would I can't work for this guy when he's saying things like that. He said that when he fired Komi he had Russia on his mind. Now, I don't think anyone has I've never heard anyone articulate this as well as I have because. Absolutely. Fake news and the president actually called it out. But he didn't call it out in a very adequate way. He didn't explain it. He said do you remember several months ago? He said that NBC fudged that interview they did fudge that interview, they fudged that interview. And that was fake news that he said that I fired because a call me I'm gonna read you the quote, I was going to fire Komi. There's no good time to do it. By the way, they were talk talk talk back and forth because he kept being interrupted by Lester Holt, and he said, regardless of the recommendation, I was gonna fire Komi knowing there was no good time to do it. In fact, when I decided to do it. I said to myself, you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia, it's a made up story. And then there were more interruptions with Lester Holt, and that's where they stopped it. And they actually in the transcript that I'm holding here that the video that went all across the country and that everybody played there's a thing called flash. They flashed it because they cut that the rest of his answer. And they played that to say look he was thinking of Russia when he fired Komi, but he rambled on as he always does any. Two for Trump to continue here in the transcript that I'm holding in my hand when I did this. I said probably maybe I'll confuse people. Maybe I'll expand that, you know, lengthened the time it should be over with in my opinion. It should have been over with a long time ago, rambling rambling I might even lengthen out the investigation, but I have to do the right thing for the American people. He's the wrong man for the position. So Donald Trump said in that letter hold interview, I'm thinking about Russia, which is a fake thing. Because he always throws in the fake whenever you mentioned Russia. He says it's fake story. I'm thinking about got a fire the guy and I'm thinking about Russia. And I know that me doing it is gonna make people confused. He says maybe expand the investigation. But I have to do the right thing for the American people. He was wrong. He was the wrong man for that position. And he goes on to say many times in the interview who was fired for cause fired for cause he's a grandstand. Or he's a show boater. I don't like them all this other stuff. He never said he fired him because of Russia. In fact, the Russia thing every time he mentioned it. It was in terms of saying to Lester Holt. I thought about the Russian thing, which is phony. And I knew people were going to try to hold Russia over my head. But I said, Nevertheless, I gotta do the right thing. Even if it comes down harder on me. Now, I've articulated that on this show has anyone else? Please call me and tell me if you've heard any other people, including the great, Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh, whatever. But shillue is the guy who has I can I called it out. What had happened, and I've got the transcript threes, and I had it handy dandy because it's pinned to the wall in my office, the Lester Holt, I thought about Russia when I was firing Komi is the biggest fake news of the Trump. Administration and they keep citing and dummy George Conway cited it on that podcast because he's not too bright either. You know, why he admitted it he's driving home in the car, and he hears it on the radio because NBC announced president admits Russia was as no-one no-one stops and listens to the entire interview. No one reads transcripts, maybe. Because they don't have a three hour talk radio show. Like, I do and I gotta I gotta fill the time. So I'm like, I better be prepared. And I read these transcripts. Everyone listened to that that Lester Holt interview that was edited and they talk about selectively edited tapes, they cut it in the in mid ramble. And I'll admit the guy rambles all the time President Trump, but in mid ramble he said the word Russia, and he went on to say, despite the fact that you people were holding rush over my head. I said, I gotta do the right thing. Biggest fake news of all. And Conway uses that in this podcast, and everyone here thinks they're all experts in policy and everything else. And no one calls him on it and says that was a fake news story, dummy he goes on to reveal something even more important Chris from Brooklyn's calling and wait I'm going to give him this one. Because this is even better listen to the rest of this George Conway quote..

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