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This Friday but people say she too is corrupt amid allegations that she had an unwillingness to investigate the diversion of aids supply trucks to other places during hurricane Maria there already protesters calling on her to resign which means who will be in office for the long term up until the next election next year twenty twenty we don't know fox is Brian yes in old San Juan Velazquez posted on Twitter that she hopes Rosedale appoints new secretary of state to succeed in the man who held that job is one of more than a dozen officials who already stepped down now tropical storm Erika expected to strengthen into a hurricane by tomorrow could take a turn toward Hilo Hawaii later in the week that's the Big Island I'm chained up for and this is great opportunities ramping up towards mid week for the approach of a cold front three shower thunderstorm to finish out the weekend otherwise partly cloudy will fall back to the low seventies sunshine Monday a few afternoon clouds isolated shower thunderstorm for the afternoon low to mid ninety partly cloudy Monday night and then for our Tuesday again mostly sunny and again hot low to mid nineties stray shower thunderstorm better chances for those afternoon storms on Wednesday I'm Jeff you know from the weather channel with talk radio six eighty WCBS stay connected and informed with the latest news at the top of every hour then talk about it on talk radio six eighty W. C. B. M. W. C. B. M. dot com the W. C. B. M. studios are brought to you by save for retirement solutions call rob Veroli four one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot com the following program has been pre recorded for broadcast at this time twenty first century radio is sponsored by Hieronymus in company this is talk radio six eighty W. CBM it's time now for award winning twenty first century radio with your host doctors Harada miss.

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